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Winners of the Funniest Fish Story Contest


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Thank you to all of those who contributed a story for this contest, they made for very enjoyable reads. I know I got a good chuckle out of many of them.

In first place, Alex Vasilic's story "The Pentagon" won with 12 votes. Alex will receive a set of 2 Delkim EV Plus alarms and have his story featured in the upcoming NACA.

In Second Place, Dean Brookes story "More Bird Stories than Alfred Hitchcock" won with 10 votes. Dean will receive a set of 2 Galaxy alarms and have his story featured in the NACA as well.

In third place, Dean Brookes story "P.B. Michelin Tire" won with 8 votes. Dean will also receive a CAG logo t-shirt and other CAG logo goodies.

Congratulations guys!

I'll be in contact with each of you to sort out the shipping of the prizes.

Tight lines,


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