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2014 CAG May Big 4 - Prizes

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Please thank and support our sponsors!!!
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How often can catching gold win silver? Well the 2014 May Big 4 is one such instance. Our very generous sponsors have stepped in to make the event better with some prize incentives, broken down below. As more are added I will allocate them. Prizes subject to rearranging prior to May 1st as more may come in, but I promise it won't be any less!

So get out, catch some carp and see about winning some vouchers, Spombs, shirts or silver rounds.

As always, support those who support us, give the sponsors website a once over and consider placing an order. I promise they all have great things to offer.

First Place:

$50 K-1 Baits Voucher

3 Silver 1 Troy oz Rounds

Second Place:

$25 K-1 Baits Voucher

2 Silver 1 Troy oz Rounds

Third Place:

$25 K-1 Baits Voucher

1 Silver 1 Troy oz Round

Big Fish:

2 Silver 1 Troy oz Rounds

15% Off K-1 Baits Purchase

Fishing Bandit Shirt

Big Mirror:

15% Off K-1 Baits Purchase

One On Baits package

Spomb courtesy of Saxon Tackle

First Fish:

Free entry into 2015 Big 4

Spomb Courtesy of Saxon Tackle

Most Fish Logged:

Free Entry into 2015 Big 4

Highest Weight Logged:

Free entry into 2015 Big 4

Wild Card:
Do not forget that any fish that wins Carp of the Month sponsored by Big Carp Tackle gets the prize from them. Any fish caught during a CAG Event gets extra on top of it. The Carp of the Month award went to participants of the FFF, ATC and Big 4 last year, so odds are high it will go to one of the exceptional anglers of this event. The prize for the previous 2 mentioned was valued at $125.

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