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An Invite to all you Ohio Forum "Guests".....

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We've got a great thing going here in Ohio and would love to have you join us at a Fish In near you this year: we've got one scheduled every month between now and including November... You don't have to be a CAG member and don't need all kinds of fancy equipment...just great bankside company and usually a super cookout on saturday afternoons.

Ohio Fish In's map and dates http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/53352-ohio-2014-fish-ins-map/

Just had a great time at our kick-off Fish In at E. Harbor State Park (Lake Erie)


18 of us are signed up to travel up to Saginaw Michigan for the Midwest Regional Rematch agains Michigan, Indiana and Illinois...2 openings available


We've got Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals to be awarded for "Ohio Biggest Fish", and for total weight of "Ohio Big Four." Only fish caught at a Fish In are elligible.


Now...if the urge to join is in your bones...April is a great time to join or extend your current membership for 12 months.....only $10. This offer will be made again during the month of June.


Regardless of whether you join CAG or not....we'd really like to meet you and have you join us on the bank....many of us go out most weekends as well...PM one of us in your area and introduce yourself bankside. Ohio has a great bunch of folks...they're the biggest benefit I've gained through being a member. See ya on the bank.

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some of my fondest memories are from carp ins . Trying to make a few this year ..............

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