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Kawenee trip

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Wow what a session I'm burnt up and happy I arrived at swim at 4am baited it up and set up. Had my first run by 7.30 18.8 good start all in all. Then Big Dave m shows up surprisingly and he sets up to the right of me lol seems like all his big girls went left lol.... So I ll tell Dave I'm going to the car brb I come back with a Mexican feast a king coould love lol... The fishing was great bite was on water temperature is at 16 so one more week and it's all over :-( lol we all going back next week those fish we caught had room to grow plenty of room.. So may thebig gir ls show next week too. Thx Cory oh Yea one more thing I cough all my fish but two on the new Nash inline ball maker pretty neat little peace of kit... Fish were 20.3 25.9 23.8 22.7 .. 22. Fish total avg size 15.8 only two males












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Hey Cory, I stayed for about an hour after you left and caught 2 more fish at #18 each within 5 minutes of one another!!

A great day of fishing with a good friend, see you next weekend to catch the big girls !!!!!

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