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Salmon fishing last weekend

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What a great weekend!!!

After having some idle issues with the main being fed up with trying to dock at 1200 RPM the boat got dropped off last week at Advantage Marine in Zeeland last Monday and got her back Friday around noon!!

What a difference a week makes, Both in fishing and docking!!

I spent all week looking forward to flat seas and times with good friends!! The weekend did not disappoint in either category. (Docking also went well, Thanks Dave and team)

The start to our morning!!

We left the dock at 0500 with Juicy Baron, his buddy Matt and Copilot Truman!! We hit 70 FOW and set lines and trudged out way from Holland to Saugy. The first hour was a complete circus as we had 2 newbies on the boat and rods firing as fast as we could set them.

Once the sun came up the fish died and we worked our way out and grinned some fish in the 115 FOW area. We ended the morning 11-16?

The fruit of our hard work!!

After a great morning on the lake, and great conditions we figued why not go out again. We had fish left in our daily limit why not go see if we can get them to go!!
After some persuading with the owner of Big Lake Lures, we convinced his wife to let Larry go fishing!

We started the Trip out at 115 FOW and trolled to Saugy. With a couple hits, and 2 fish to show for our efforts. I figured I would go to the well again and worked my way back to 70 FOW. We ended up 11-14 on our troll back to Holland!

Larry even managed to catch a few fish!!

A great view after an awesome day!!

Sunday morning I was lucky enough to take my buddy John and his friend Jake out fishing!! We have been talking about this trip for a while and the weather and work finally allowed this to happen!!

The weather was perfect... but the fish in the beginning did not want to play along!! I know going to the well time after time you will run out of water, or in this case fish. Trolled again from Holland to Saugy in 70 FOW, this time however the fish were not there!!! We picked up 2 and panic set in. Amusing that the fish still around I went to plan B, turn the boat to a 297 heading and go until I found fish or a temperature break!!

We found BOTH!! We picked at fish most of the way out. When we reached 180 we were greeted with a 15 degree temperature break. You could see trout eating off the surface. We even had a couple swim along side the boat!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE STEELHEAD FISHING!!!

I cranked the speed and started making laps around this massive scum line. 3.5 hours later we were 16-?? 25 or 30 maybe...

This bad boy hit at 3.5-3.7 MPH SOG!!

Happy Campers!!

Ok... now that I am done blabbing about my enjoyable weekend....

Here is what everyone really cares about!!

What worked:
Fast trolls 2.7 to 3.7
Mostly Standard size spoons
MEAT!!! - Although I did not talk about it above we ran it on the low divers with success for some bigger kings
70-200 FOW... see above
Copper and lead for spoons
Divers with spoons and meat

What didn't pan out:
Figuring out a consistent rigger program.


DW SS Sexy Veggie
BLL Green/Yellow Frozen toad
BLL UFT (Prototype)
BLL Green/Yellow Frozen toad
BLL Killin' it (Prototype)
SS Mag Orange Chilly Willy
BLL Super D
BLL Go Blue (Prototype)
BLL mag Green/Yellow Frozen toad
SS Mag Miami Dolphin
BLL tournament winner
BLL Kato

We ran meat on the divers with BW 10" weenier and Blue bubble DW teaser rigs as well, I just did not want to dig them out of the boat! These were the real deal when it came to bigger kings in the deeper water.

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Wow you guys troll fast - we only troll 2 mph for California Kings. We troll 7 to 8 mph for Tuna. Great read - thanks for sharing.


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Great catches!

Lake Macatawa.... hmmm... that sounds familiar... :b

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