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Sorry to start off the WI reports thread with such a gloomy kick off but this is my latest report:


This was the picture all over my favorite Lake Delton, yesterday...


Fish were mostly Yellow Bass, Crappies and Pike with some that were of size I never expected in there:




Like that Sucker



Last few days pollens have been terrible so my theory is that the massive clouds of pollen that wash off in the water clog the fishes' gills and suffocate them...

The carp were the only ones that were happily swimming by, I guess they can handle the abuse more than other fish... Only caught one that was about two pounds on a yellow yarn egg in 1 FOW on sandy canal.

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Wisconsin River, Lower Dells The Carp have been congregating by mouths of runoff ditches and creeks to cool off and slurp algae soup, I haven't targeted them, but the smallmouth instead.Wisconsin River "TREVALLIES" (TREVor's smALLIES) : httpsWisconsin River "TREVALLIES" (TREVor's smALLIES) : http://youtu.be/c4Ukn6VkayM://youtu.be/c4Ukn6VkayM

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