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Hello All,

Please help in sharing a warm welcome to our clubs new President Bob Giordano. For those of you that missed his Platform letter, I have included it down below.

Huge thanks for stepping up, I wish you a great 2 year or longer term.

My name is Bob Giordano or to my friends AF Bob. I have been an active member of CAG since 2005. I won't bore you with a long drawn out speech, it is really quite simple - I love carp fishing, CAG, and the many friends that I have meet along the way.

I'm a retired Air Force Senior Master Sargent, and I have spent many years working to promote carp fishing and carp protection. I'm a member of the New York State Fish Advisory Board, the FISHCAP Board, and I'm also the President of Wounded Warriors Outdoor Adventures. I have started and hosted many carp fishing events to include the New England Yankee Challenge, the Can-AM, and the Seaway 6 Pack Throw Down. I have also worked with the St Lawrence River JR Carp Tournament since 2005. In the past I have served as a State Chair in both MA and NY. Those positions gave me experience working with large groups of carp anglers who don't always see eye to eye or share common goals.

I believe that our members should always have fun and treat each other with respect.

I believe that teaching children to carp fish is vital to our future.

I believe with increased membership and carp protection, recognition will follow.

I believe that all of our members should promote our mission statement at all times.

I believe with increased membership, the powers to be will have to provide carp protection, and recognition as a true sport fish.

I believe that our group is in a much better place today because of our current President and BOD.

...and last but not least, I believe carp fishing can be used as a tool to help our Wounded Warriors and their families heal.

If elected, here are some of the items I would like to purue :

I would like to see more regional carp events for kids.

I would like to see more of our members attend the St Lawrence River JR Carp Tournament.

I would like to see an easier way for our older members to join/renew their memberships without having to use a PC.

I would also love to see the fish I love most be recognized as the true sport fish it is!

I know there are many great anglers in our group who should be considered for this position but I would be very honored to serve as your next president.

Thank You,

AF Bob

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Huge Congrats Bob!!!

Wishing you and your board much foresight, wisdom and strength in all your decisions along with all the very best of luck for an extremely successful tenure!!!!!

Oh, and a few spare moments to still be able to get out and fish yourself ;)

Warmest Regards,


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Thank You. I look forward to working with the BOD and our membership. Andy did a great job and I hope I can build on his outstanding efforts. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and or concerns. You can reach me at (315) 323-4632. Hope to see you at The CCC in Sept 2014.

AF Bob

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Bob, thanks for taking on this big job. You have my complete support and respect.


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