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Hemp Seed with Tuna Mix Starting to Stink

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Some folks keep bait a looong time...fished with a guy y'day that had boiled maize he'd had since April...without looking I knew he had opened the bucket. LOL. Some folks think stinky is good. I don't use it because 1) just being comfortable around the smell and 2) I won't feed the fish anything I couldn't eat without getting sick. Once stuff goes bad...I worry about what it may do to the fish...ie food poisoning.

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I think it's best to just give it a try.

I have seen fish stay well clear of bait I thought was perfectly ok while on other occasions I have seen them go mad over something that has made me gag when i have opened the bucket.

carp are definitely attracted to some of the protiens that are given off during fermentation of food however when that changes to actually rotting is hard to know.

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Well I should have. Was going to bring it to the CanAm 2014, but was advised I would be bringing in catfish, so I thru it out to the garbage. Made instead just plain hempseed for the event (with other bait of course).

My peg assigned Americain partner was unable to attend, so was another American at another peg, so that peg's Canadian was matched at my peg to represent the American Team. He was using Banko product. He made a killing with it, and got 3rd place.

Some participants told me my initial tuna hemp recipe could of helped me. Oh well! Live and learn.

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