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Yesterday Brendan and myself went out to Saline mill pond to catch some of the stunning commons and mirrors that swim around in there. We haven't been here in a while so it was nice to come back and fish it for a bit. We started out fishing the normal area where we always set up and started to catch within 10 minutes of fishing. We caught a lot of fish while we were there including a very cool small mirror for myself and a 16lb 2oz mirror for Brendan which is a very big mirror for what we normally see out of here!

16lb 2oz mirror



cool little mirror



18lb 4oz


By about 3:00 PM i decided that i wanted to move up the pond and fish the creek at the top of the pond to hopefully catch something a bit nicer. I set up in the wider section of the creek and it was apparent that no fish were there so i walked even farther into the creek and i saw very good fish feeding near the shore so i decided to take the rods and move them up into that part of the creek. I picked up 3 fish in the creek, one of which was a 26lb 8oz common and another an 18lb+.

26lb 8oz


18lb+ common


Brendan picked up more fish as the day went on as well but no more fish of size

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Some real good looking fish, guys. Nice going.

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Looks like the conditions were just right for that swim. I don't recall you reporting that class of fish coming out of Mill Pond in any previous posts. Congrats! As always, great write up and great fish.

Scream'in runs,


Thanks Roy! Yes conditions seemed right, I did have one other fish of 25lb+ about 2 years ago or so out of here but haven't had one since. I'm looking forward to seeing one of the bigger mirrors that I know are in here come out.

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