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Just wanted to introduce myself before I started to jump aboard any of the discussions. My name is Lance, I'm a multi-species angler from upstate NY, Albany area. I've been dabbeling in carp fishing on and off since I was a youngster. Decided to get back into the swing of things this spring, but my old carp tackle supplier is MIA; Krafty Katcher. Looks like plenty of great companies like K-1, Resistance Tackle, and BCT to take its place, though.

Being from upstate NY, I get to take advantage of our tremendous fishing oppurtunities; Ice fishing, the great lakes, the Hudson, and even saltwater is only a few hour drive - a drive that I take a few times per year. Of course I'm also less than 30 minutes from a number of world class carp fisheries.

Enough talk, here's some carp pics from over the years





and here is the zenith of my carp fishing so far, on a memerable trip back in 2004, my buddy Jon and I landed a number of VERY large carp, topping out with this lump that bottomed out my 50lb scale. Couldn't bring ourselves to kill that fish for the glory of a possible state record, so we let her swim.



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Welcome aboard...some very nice catches there.

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