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Great Weekend With a Few Big Fish!

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Well Brendan and I just got back from a pretty good 4 day session yesterday, It was a bit slower at times but we still managed a few big fish! As any body who fishes this spot knows it can be a bit bipolar as far as the fishing goes at times but we still love it! We ended up with about 20 fish over the 4 days which is slow for here but the fish were good. My biggest of the weekend was a tank of a fish at 33lb 8oz, and Brendan's biggest of the weekend was long beast at 29lbs! We also had a good few 20's up to high 20's and a few under the 20lb mark as well!

We are both looking forward to the cool weather of the fall and all the big fish that comes with it!

33lb 8oz


29lb even


27lb even


25lb 8oz


24lb 14oz


22lb even


24lb 2oz





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Wow great session....... looks like you guys are ready for the ATC!!! Slow down lol there still some months left

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As stated before, You two are GREAT! Congrats!

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