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Long Weekend Carping

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I got to do some long weekend carping this weeked. Nice to fish out of town again and explore new waters.


I wish I could have arrived earlier as that was the prime time for the day. I started off with a bombardment of method balls. I managed to get them out quite far with help from a SW blowing behind me.


It didn't take long for the Delk to beep and the bobbin to em...Bobb. (ha, ha). The rod fired off. Shortly after I get to hold a 18 pound common and have my photo taken with it : ) ...


Through the day I had a total of 7 runs ( I think?). Three fish make it to the net. One was lost when I was leaving it unhooked in the net only to watch it escape through a hole in the nesh when I picked the net up so that a passer by could take a photo.


One fish was lost to a cut off and the rest were hook pulls. The last fish was caught just as I were about to pick the rod up to reel in and pack up. I had to leave it in the poorly repaired net and wait for another passer by to take a photo. The first person refused. She said it was " Gruesome".....Ok. whatever. You really do meet all kinds on the bankside sometimes.

Luckily some guy with boxing gloves for hands takes the photo after 20 attempts which officially ended the session. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. It was early evening and time to load the carp Wagon and call it a day.


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A great read Mark. Nice looking swim and I love all the 'gruesome' fish!

Me thinks you need a new net, though. Or at least a needle and thread. lol

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Nice catch funny end two gruesome you have a fish friendly net unhooking mat you treated the carp better than some people treat others lol

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Those are some true bruisers!

I would've lost my mind if a carp got away through the net haha.

Good anglin man!

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