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That's the breaks, man

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Ever heard the famous one liner from the hippy types in the face of adversity: "That's the breaks, man". Indeed that's the breaks.

That's life. Sometimes you win and sometimes, well, you eat #### and fail miserably and curse whatever's up there why he has decided to bestow such misery upon you. We all got problems, some people drink too much, others smoke too much, some decide to run up credit card bills whilst others choose to gamble it all away on chance. Carp fishing is incredibly reminiscent of life's struggles in an esoteric, spacey, kinda way.

We all know that feeling of getting down to the swim early in the morning and seeing the little pesky miscreants thrashing on the surface. We see the feed bubbles on the surface, all looks grand and carpy. Wonderful. Then we rig up, and mix our baits, expel our chum into the water, activate the alarms and engage the baitrunner, and wait. Then wait. Then wait some more. Then walk around, curse the seagulls, and continue walking around. Pop sweet corn kernels, all the while exploding inside wondering why the fish won't co-operate. The same could be said about girlfriends. No matter what you do right?

Anyway, the breaks haven't been all that great as of late for various reasons. However, I decided to lift my spirits and saunter on down to my favorite swim after a chaotic day of work and let the universe untangle the mess while I just relax and escape.

Everything was great, the pack bait was the perfect consistency, the water level was extremely high and the bank was flooded (this is great for this swim), the rain was holding off, I saw the carp. Just peachy.

I packed my pack, laid my traps, turned on the buzzers and relaxed with a cigarette as I waited. Within minutes I had a few blips on the buzzer, probably cat fish, but who knows. Then, i re-baited and casted out, 20 or so minutes pass by, and the alarm screams off! FISH ON!

Fish off. Felt the thing for a few seconds, and then it went limp.... HOOK PULL. That's the breaks man. I hated the rig I was using, the hook link was way too long, and I just didn't feel good about it, and I paid the price. As I re-adjusted everything - cursing profusely - this is when I realized carp fishing is like life. You have those incredible ups, and those incredible lows. However, I was about to ride a constant up from this point on.

After I tossed out fresh bait and the newly done-up rig, it didn't take long before I was into a proper screamer of a run. I was knee deep in a colossal fight with a common carp that seemed to have been on steroids. It took me all over the place. Blistering runs, and just wouldn't give up! After a long arduous battle, I vested my opponent, and the trophy was mine! This may not be a trophy in most waters, but this is big big for my swim. Here's the beaut!


A nice little fatty if I do say so myself!

Anywho, after that pig was released back, i checked the line for any damage or problems, and balled up more pack, and out she went! Then in true English fashion, i had a total BELTER, and this was the result.


What a fight this one put up. By this point i was well chuffed. It really seemed like the boilie was breaking in my favour. However, this was only the beginning of what would make this the best session I've ever had carp fishing or even fishing in general.

Anyway, after repairing my rig from the beating it took from that carp, I was once again into a belter. They love the oat pack these carp! However...


This carp is what brought on the change, and transformed this session from a good day to a day that a guy like me, cant even find the words to describe....

As I was playing this fish, there were two kids stood across the bank from me, and after seeing me fight a second carp they finally called over to me and asked me what it was. I of course informed the youngster it was in fact carp. They commentated the whole time, and kept saying over and over "it's a huge fish". It was comical. After that carp was vested and released back, the one kid, called over to me, and asked if he could fish beside me, I of course said yes.

I sware to god, the kid BOLTED like lightning across the shoreline and made it over to me in what seemed like nanno seconds. Anyway, he starts asking me (he's 13, his name was matteo) all sorts of questions about my baits and stuff. I saw what he was using, and a bobber and worm wasn't going to put him onto these carp he so wanted to catch.

So, I assessed the situation, and thought, "how can I make this happen?". Well, i asked the kid to grab the BIGGEST sinkers he could, and come back. Once again,at lightning speed, he's back! However, the sinkers were waaaaay too small, and it just wasn't going to hold bottom, so I dug deep into my tackle bag - as I was running low on tackle as it was - and found him a suitable sinker - luckily - i grabbed one of my trusty gamakatsu hooks, and rigged him up. As I was JUST about to tighten up the Palomar knot on the swivel, this guy took off at lightning speed and set the alarms a'screaming!


This carp was like Mike Tyson on steroids! It was the hardest fighting one of the bunch! At first, I gave it to the kid to try and fight, but it wasn't being co-operative, and headed straight for the snags, so i had to take over, and muscle it out! But what a fish! A quick kiss, and off she went to fight another day!

Here's where things take a turn for the monumental...

I casted out my rhino rod, laid it down on the pod, engaged my bait runner, tossed out more corn and instructed the little guy to cast out into my baited spot. Now, it was about 330 at the time, and I had to split at 4 pm, so i was hoping and praying a carp would grace this enthusiastic kids hook. (This kid LOVED carp. He had watched stuff on YouTube and everything. But said he never could catch one, however)

As we were chatting, all of a sudden ... ... .. ........ ..... HIS REEL STARTS SCREAMING! I pull my line out of the water, and keep a close eye on him to make sure all is going well. His line was too thick for his reel, so he didn't have much on his tiny spool, and it was about 10 yards away from being totally spooled, so I muscled the fish back, and it turned around and he took over. He fought it well, and listened to my coaching of when to reel and when not to - he did extremely well! After a spirited fight, the carp was defeated, and Matteo had a small and scrappy 4lb'er on the bank. Now throughout the fight, you could hear the happiness in his voice, the sheer elation of and euphoria he was experiencing. I could only but smile. As he held that fish so proudly and proclaimed that it was so big - to me only a tiddler - to him, a monster of the pond! Perspective my friends, perspective.

You see, that's what it's all about. This world sucks and there's an obscene amount of ugliness that goes on all around the world every second, right now as i'm banging my fingers on this keyboard something horrible is happening. It's awful. But at that moment, on that bank, a person was happy. A person felt pure joy and happiness. That's a beautiful thing and something I'll never forget. This was the best day of fishing I've ever had. Sometimes the universe has a weird way of showing you signs. You know, I debated not helping that kid, I didn't have the supplies to give him, and I'm hard up for money, but something told me, I felt something, and I obliged. I am so glad I did. Not only did I feel immensely happy, but I helped someone else, and to me, that's better than any other feeling in the world.

As the wise Hunter S Thompson once said: "Some People Get Rich, and Others Eat #### And Die". That's exactly how it is folks. So, be that good guy, and maybe, just maybe you'll make a difference, and like i said man, that's the breaks.

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Great write-up.

In my mind, life is all a matter of perspective. Certainly, there's a lot of bad stuff happening -- a lot of it to good people. Within reason -- we should do whatever we can to help.

From time to time, we're given the opportunity to help bring a small bit of joy into someone else's life. The choice of whether or not to take advantage of that opportunity is ours -- and ours alone.

The other day you chose to help a young man catch a carp. In so doing, you probably gave him the biggest thrill he's experienced in his life as an angler so far. In my mind, it was an excellent decision.


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You created a memory in a young angler's mind he will never forget. His first biggun'. I'll bet he'll look back and never remember a more perfect or golden scaled carp in his life!

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Great write up Paul and a job well done with the young lad. I am sure he will remember the occasion for a long time. WTG.

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Real nice of you. Maybe you should become a Big-Brother.

Nice write-up indeed.

Now just imagine the kid sharing with friends what you did for him. He must the envy of all his pals.

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Carp fishing at it's BEST!

Well done buddy.....go to the top pf the class, I think for sure you got the youngster hooked.

Hope you make it to Marks OCT fish-in !

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