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Need some basic pointers.

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I'm new to the sight and carp fishing. Here's my history with carp

Summer 2013- Saw a giant grass carp swimming on the surface at the lake

Summer 2014- Hooked up to a 6 lb common by accident and broke me off at the bank.

That's it, now I'm obsessed.

I have a good idea how to go about fishing, just need a few pointers.

Hooks- what size and what kind of hook would you recommend to start? Is it any different for hair or bolt rigs?

Reel- I need a recommendation for a good reel that isn't gonna kill my wallet (it doesn't take much, either) and what line would is better, mono or braided?

Grass carp- I've talked to a game warden and the guy at the bait shop at the lake where I saw that giant grass carp. I truly believe it could be a Kansas state record. What bait would you use?

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Hooks: get the sharpest and nice and strong. BigCarpTackle near Bartlesville, OK can get you set up.

Or, at a local store, try Owner or Gamakatsu live bait hooks. Sizes 6 and 4 will get you started.

Reel, line: if you prefer baitcasting reels, the Abu Garcia C3 6500 series is good. For spinning, try the Daiwa Opus Plus bait runner. They can both be had for less than $100.

Line: this is personal preference, really. for Braid, get 30 or 40 lbs strenth. Mono - 12 to 17 lb, any of the name brands, but go for the abrasion resistant models.

For grassers, sweet corn works great, as does bread.

All these are personal preference, but generally get the best gear you can afford.

Good luck!

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Ah, that info is right under your forum name. :bonk: I am from Southeast Kansas but am currently in Northeast Kansas. I remember playing in baseball tournaments in Garden City back in the day.

Wow, a Kansas state record grass carp would be close to 80lbs!! Would love to see that beast! I have caught a few over 30lbs in my area and they are a absolute blast to catch. And watch out once you get them in the net, then they really get mad! HAHA! I have caught them on flavored/unflavored boiled corn, range cubes and bread, all on a hair rig. I have also caught them on a variety of packbaits with a corn puff on the hook.

Good luck in your quest! Please have a camera with you and take lots of pics! Love those big grassies!

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I'm hoping I can get up there to Clinton to do some fishing, when I visit my girlfriend going to KU.

I talked to a biologist and says he regularly see 20 lb+ when shocking up where I fish. Record or not, I'm gonna have some fun!

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While a lot of the fun for many of us is playing with tackle, there is no reason you have to get anything specialized, with the possible exception of hooks. You can use a standard spinning reel in a fork-type rest, or in hand, you can use a bobber and a paper clip as bite indicator, etc. Whatever will get 1+oz of weight to where the fish are will do in a pinch. As mentioned, seriously sharp hooks in the #2 and smaller sizes are nearly mandatory, but hardly budget busters. I use fly hooks almost exclusively, Gamakatsu globug patterns (almost always #2, they run smaller than most patterns), or Tiemco #2457 scud hooks (#6 and #8, for finesse presentations). Either run under $10/25 shipped.

I would suggest getting lead clips and anti-tangle tubing for carp safety, the clips work fine with regular old bass casting sinkers. Resistance Tackle sells the clips and tails 2 for 1, so about $5+shipping will get you 20 of each, which is a pretty robust supply. Grab a couple meters of rig tubing while you're at it, especially if you choose braid. A season or so worth of terminal tackle for $20, you can buy bass sinkers in bulk for under another $20.

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Well, I finally got out to the carp pond and caught my first carp! A whopping 1 pounder and it was a blast. I've seen a dead 10 wash up from there after a flood so I have a good feeling about the spot. I used the sliding sinker rig I already had on but i think I'll pin it in next time.

Best thing? The spot is hardly known, really close to home and you need a 4x4 to get there. No pressure!!!

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