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kenneth taylor

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Are you looking for "euro" or paylake style and what kind of budget are you working with? You probably own everything you need to get started already.

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Paylake style is bait caster reels and 6-9 foot rods. Normally a lot cheaper but they don't normally cast further than 50 yards or so.

If I was going to buy everything as a beginner right now I would go with diawa mad dragon rods ($60 each) or the sonic black carp ($120 each) and either diawa bait runners ($60-$90)or shimano bait runners. For some end tackle, Wacker baits sells a "starter kit" for $25 that has some weights, hooks, how to tie hair rigs, etc.. using bank sticks if you fish in areas with ground that you can put them in will be cheaper than buying a pod but a pod will let you fish on any ground type. You shouldn't need alarms unless you plan on sleeping or being away from your rods. Most the time I keep mine off until night time. Oh mask sure you have a comfy chair to sit on to lol

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If you're not needing to cast 75+ yrds you may as well go with (reasonable) US based gear.

MH to H 8 to 9 ft rods, 45 to 60 sized spinning reels (either quickdrag or baitrunner).

I bought a shimano mh 9' spinning rod from Academy for about $40 that I've used quite a bit; not the best detail/components, but workable.

The Daiwa Opus BR (Wacker, BCT) or Balzer Blueberry (P&S Tackle) are both decent BR reels for under $70 each.

Good quality mono (Sufix Siege, Trilene XT, Big Game, Stren) 12 - 15# test.

Price depending on how many outfits you want (1, 2, 3, 4 ?)

Get the best you can afford; cheaper in the long run (I learned this the hard way!).

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