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corn - bait

kenneth taylor

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They will hit corn. Sweet/fruit flavors as well as vanilla/anise. Also let some 'ripen' a bit; they also go for 'vomit' corn!

Also try garbanzo beans/chickpeas when you have a chance; get the bags of dry ones (about $1.25/lb), soak them overnight, boil for about 20 - 30 minutes. Flavor them and let them cool; they take flavor and colors quite well.

They seem attracted to bright colors.

Good luck!

btw: have you read Austin Anderson's article on buff fishing? Worth the read!

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Just last week, fishing with John ("skeet3t"), I caught my first 'decent' buff and lost another one -- both on canned corn soaked with anise. Both John and I caught fish -- carp and buffs -- and he was using vanilla-flavored corn.

I can't say that the added flavors helped, because I've caught carp on both flavors, as well as on unflavored corn. But if adding flavors to your corn gives you more confidence in your offerings, then you'll probably catch more fish if you use them.

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