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An Ongoing Debate

There are people firmly planted in both camps. Some say that the Ol Captain’s Strawberry Grit bait is far superior to his opponent’s over publicized “Plug of Perfection”. Others say that Carp tremble with fear at the mere whisper of the word “Plug”. For years now there has been an ongoing debate between Tim “Cool Dad” Gill and the Ol Captain on this very subject! In fact, not since the Lincoln –Douglas debates of the 1850’s has a subject been battered about with such fervor!

It had to be done. A decision had to be made on the best bait between these to world class Carp anglers and there was only one way to deal with it. We had to call in an expert!! Picking the expert was really the only thing we could agree on and after a short phone call we lined up Mr. Rod Mills of Cincinnati, Ohio to come to the Deep South and settle this argument once and for all. Now folks, Maximus Relaximus (The Ultimate Carp Hound) has met Rod before and he is a pretty good judge of character. When I told Max that Rod was coming to town to settle this debate, Max got all giddy with excitement!


“Rodman” Mills is known throughout our great country and beyond for his “Good Work” so we felt like acquiring his services would be fairly simple. Rod has several trademarks. For instance, he is the only Carp Angler in the country that has a 14k Gold Carp Bracelet proudly displayed on his right wrist.


He is also one of the very few that brews his own fresh coffee right on the dock whilst waiting on a Proper Pull Down.



Not only that but Mr. Mills certainly recognizes a big White Sucker when he sees one!!



So the stage was set. We were to meet at Overlook Park at 9:15AM this morning which is known to some as the second shift. After descending the Pathway to Proper Pull Downs rods were set up and the decision hung in the balance.




Both opponents tried to lure the judge’s way of thinking. Cool Dad tried to sweet talk Mr. Mills with a visible display of the Plug of Perfection.


Both the Captain and the Carp Hound tried to gain ground for their side with special photo opps.



Finally, Rod said there was only one way to settle this debate & that was to take it to the field! Mano to mano! The bait that caught the first Cyprinus Carpio today would be declared superior once and for all!!!

So we baited and we waited.


Finally a pole went down!! According to the predetermined plan our guest was to bring the fish to hand and the Hound was to give it his seal of approval!!




But (change of direction) the question remains. Whose bait caught the fish? Was it on the Ol Captain’s Strawberry Grits and Puff or was it that stinkin’ Plug of Perfection??? I thought you’d never ask………..


I’m no sore loser so I must congratulate my opponent. I will also be taking applications for a new Carpin’ partner so if you are interested just let me know :closedeyes: In the meantime folks, if you want to have fun Carpin’ with the Captain then Come see us!!!


Rod: It was great to have you with us today! We had a wonderful time!!

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had a great time. 2 of the finest southern gentleman I have ever met. and 1 cool dog!!! Thank You for having me.

If you haven't made the trip I would highly recommend you go see them!!!

good work...

Aw Shucks Rod. You are the best!!!

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