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kenneth taylor

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Ok guys have any of y'all fished choke Canyon, Lake Amstead or Lake Casablanca in Laredo ?? If so please tell me what y'all think about them I'm about 90 miles from all 3 or if someone wants to hook up and go look/fish them out selves I'm ready to go learn them and how to get better at carping my self

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All have carp, but access can be tricky.

I would think since Amistad has large bass, I would be it will have large carp as well. They do seem to go together.

Choke Canyon... hard to say; it has some huge alligator gar (and alligators, too!) so who knows.

Check out the TexasfishingForum - carp/roughfish section. I'm sure there are some who could help you there.

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