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FFF 2015 - Post Sunrise and Snowcarp/Sandcarp photos here!

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This “FFF 2015 - Post Sunrise, Snowcarp, Sandcarp Photos Here!” thread is where you will post all of your photos of FFF 2015 sunrises and any snow or sand sculptures of carp that you may create.

The FFF Sunrise Award goes to every FFF 2015 registrant who submits a photograph of the first sunrise of the year. The primary intention of this category is to share some fabulous January 1 photos with fellow CAG anglers. In fact, if it’s too foggy, cloudy, snowy, or rainy, you can still take a picture at the approximate time of sunrise. The picture may or may not include a fish, but it has to include at least some kind of fishing equipment (rod, pod, net, etc.). Anyone submitting a sunrise picture earns an FFF 2015 Sunrise certificate. After all, you have to be out at sunrise with camera and carp gear for a photo (no small feat in itself).

The FFF Snowcarp or Sandcarp Award goes to every FFF 2015 registrant who creates and submits a photograph of a carp sculpted from snow or sand or dirt or a combination thereof. Anyone submitting a Snowcarp/Sandcarp picture of their creation earns an FFF 2015 Snowcarp/Sandcarp certificate.

1. You must be registered for FFF 2015 to enter a photo.

2. All who submit a photo on this thread will receive a special FFF 2015 Sunrise or Carp Sculpture certificate for download shortly after the conclusion of the event.

3. Weather on January 1 is not always conducive to a clear sunrise picture. If you can't see the sun, you may take a picture at the approximate time of sunrise and still be eligible for the Sunrise award.

4. The sunrise photo has to include some evidence that you are fishing (i.e., a fish, a rod, a pod, a reel, an angler, etc.). You are welcome, however, to also include fish, people, food, pods, vehicles, buildings, bridges, etc.

5. Simply submit a picture of your Snowcarp/Sandcarp creation to receive the Carp Sculpture Certificate.

6. Please type within each photo’s post the following caption information:
A. Your name (first and last).
B. The state/province where the photo was taken.
C. The venue or city where the photo was taken (This is optional if you want to maintain some secrecy about your venue.).

7. There are three ways to post a photo.
A - While creating your photo entry post, you can click on the “picture and frame” icon above the post window and paste the URL address of the photo.
B - You can usually copy and paste photos directly into your reply box from social media such as Facebook.
C - You can click on the “More Reply Options” box at the bottom of your reply box. This will take you to a reply screen that has an “Attach Files/Choose Files” button at the bottom. Click "Choose Files," and choose whatever photo you want to post from your computer files. (This option is fine, but it only allows those who are logged into the CAG forum to see your photos).

8. If you are having problems with the photo posting options, I will take your photo and caption information via e-mail and post the photo for you. However, you should know how to post photos on the forum, so please don’t abuse this option. E-mail me at fkrink@comcast.net or pm me. I'll need your e-mailed entries at least two hours before the January 6 deadline to allow me to process and post the pictures by 10:00 a.m.

9. Every and all sunrise/carp sculpture entries must be posted on this thread by 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (that’s 9 AM Central, 8 AM Mountain, 7 AM Pacific) on Tuesday, January 6, 2014.

Thank you. We look forward to some great sunrise and snowcap/sandcarp shots

Don't forget to register for FFF 2015 by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, December 31, 2014. Registering much earlier than that, like right now, is always appreciated. Thanks.—Frank

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how do you register?

Sorry, Luke, that I missed your question, but it is apparent that you figured it out. Good luck.--Frank

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The brutal windchills in northern Illinois did not keep the sunrise from happening for FFF on 1/1/15. We didn't catch many fish, but my brother and I enjoyed the challenge of pursuit.


Frank Rink
Joliet, IL (peg 1-2)

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Sunrise photo #2 at Joliet, IL - 1/1/15

Frank Rink
Joliet, IL (peg 3 looking east)

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