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FFF 2015 - Post Written Summaries of your FFF Experience Here!

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This FFF 2015 thread is where you will post your always enjoyable written summaries of your FFF experience.

In honor of Jerome Moisand's quick wit, photography skills, way with words, and dedication to CAG and FFF as past organizer of many First Fishing Follies, we are including an award category for the best written summaries of your 2015 FFF adventure. It will be called the FFF 2015 Jerome Adventure Tale Award. Your summaries will be judged by a panel consisting of Jerome Moisand, Bob Giordano, Adam Cieplik, and myself. Although the judges are encouraged to submit FFF 2015 stories, they automatically remove themselves from award contention. The winner will receive $25 and a certificate. The second place winner will receive $15 and a certificate. The third place winner will receive $10 and a certificate.


1. You must be registered for FFF 2015 to submit an FFF 2015 Jerome Adventure Tale.

2. Simply post your creative, well-written story and outstanding photographs in a reply box on this thread.

3. Please include the following information at the beginning of your post:
A. Begin your tale with a title.
B. Let us know the locale, including the city and state/province, where the story takes place (Sharing detailed information about the exact location of the venue is optional.).
C. Include your first and last name.

4. You are definitely encouraged to include photos to help tell your tale, but photos are not an absolute requirement for award consideration. Photos can be embedded within the story or posted at the end.

5. There are three ways to post a photo.
A - While creating your photo entry post, you can click on the “picture and frame” icon above the post window and paste the URL address of the photo.
B - You can usually copy and paste photos directly into your reply box from social media such as Facebook.
C - You can click on the “More Reply Options” box at the bottom of your reply box. This will take you to a reply screen that has an “Attach Files/Choose Files” button at the bottom. Click "Choose Files," and choose whatever photo you want to post from your computer files. (This option is fine, but it only allows those who are logged into the CAG forum to see your photos).

8. If you are having problems with the photo posting options, I will take your photos via e-mail and post the photos for you at the end of your story thread. However, you should know how to post photos on the forum, so please don’t abuse this option. E-mail me at fkrink@comcast.net or pm me. I'll need your e-mailed entries at least two hours before the January 6 deadline to allow me to process and post the pictures by 10:00 a.m.

9. Every and all FFF 2014 Jerome Adventure Tale entries must be posted on this thread by 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (that’s 9 AM Central, 8 AM Mountain, 7 AM Pacific) on Tuesday, January 6, 2015.

Thank you. We look forward to some great stories and accompanying photographs.

Don't forget to register for FFF 2015 by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, December 31, 2015. Registering much earlier than that, like right now, is always appreciated. Thanks.—Frank

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The Early Bird missed a carp

Robert White Jr

Fishing in Uxbridge,MA From Lincoln,RI

This was my first fishing folly I wanted to get setup before dark but arrived a little to late. (430-500 pm) 12/31/2014

It was so cold out I rushed and got my ice fishing shelter up rather quick. Once it was up I ran a lantern and was nice and warm. As temp dropped I fired up another and opened top zippers for ventilation.

I wanted to wait till after 12:00 to fish I was afraid I might have some luck early then blank on the first. I made my first cast at 12:01 and it was rather quiet I layed down in shelter at 1:00 for a nap and at 1:08 was awoken at rod get tapes then had a quick run but by the time got up missed the fish. I was unable to sleep after that but never had another hit. Once the sun came up I took a few pics for the sunrise photo section.

Checked my rod and had an Ice flow surround my line. I packed up some of the stuff I no longer needed and ran into fellow RI fisher Todd. He knew the spot alittle better than me and went strait across the river were the current was not so bad and you could get bank sticks in the ground. I was debating weather to move over to his side when both by lanterns ran out the fuel. It quickly became really cold out of food starving and wanting a coffee bad I packed up took a walk over to Todd to say by and wish him luck and called it a day. Even thou I did not catch anything it was quite the fun time and I learned a few things to be better prepared for the next one.

Heres a few pic of my adventure Photos with Time stamp are digital camera the ones without are cell phone pictures











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Nicely written summary, Bob. Sometimes we fish, sometimes we catch. Thanks for posting.--Frank

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FFF in a New Town

Evan Cartabiano

Columbia, South Carolina. If you had asked me at the FFF in 2014 where I would be fishing it in 2015 (there was never a question of not fishing it!), I would never have predicted Columbia, SC. But here I was. Starting off I was very dubious of my chances at catching as I had had very little time to spend on the bank, so did not know of many good venue options. There are rivers, but given the amount of rain we have had lately they are high and very hard to fish, with lots of grass carp that get in the way. There are lakes, the closest being Lake Murray from which I have not heard of a single common carp being landed on hook and line, and the other lakes being too far for my meager gas budget to allow. There is a creek, but I would not feel comfortable fishing there in the middle of the night without body armor, and all the carp I have seen there are small anyway. The only place that I could think of was a small pond in a residential area that contains carp of an unknown number and size structure, but was 1) close to my house, and 2) did not make me feel like I was taking my life in my hands. So to this venue I turned my attention. In preparation for the event I started baiting every couple of days about a week before up to every day for the three days prior. My bait of choice was bread and sweet corn due to their near universal attraction and good performance in cold water. I really didn’t have any idea of how many fish were in there, so I didn’t want to over feed them – just give them enough to get a taste for the bait – so I added bait sparingly.

ground bait

During the time leading up to the 1st I had been trying to locate someone foolish enough to fish with me. Despite all the obvious appeals of sitting on the bank in sub-freezing temperatures during the middle of the night while fishing for a fish most people have not even considered fishing for, no one was interested until I was talking to one of my wife’s friends who said that her husband would love that sort of thing. So I sent him a text and sure enough he said he would love to… the poor fool. Chris had never fished for carp before, but was eager to give it a try. After some communication we decided to meet on the bank at 11:30pm. I arrived at 11:20pm to get my mass of totally essential gear down to the bank and allow time to set it all up. Chris arrived at the assigned time of 11:30pm with his two catfish/surf rods and a positive attitude. I got him rigged up with some lead core leaders I had set up days before (did I mention I was looking forward to the event?) and some plastic corn on the hairs, which was the same set up as what I had decided to use. This arrangement was topped off by a bait bomb of liquidized bread.

Rig W bait

FFF 037 (1024x683)

corn blowback

By this time it was only a few minutes until 12:00am so we got Chris’s baits into position by the inflow at the top of the pond. Much to my horror it was now 20 seconds after midnight and I was late with my first cast! I hurriedly got a bread bomb on my hook link and tossed a few more balls of bread into a likely looking area. My cast seemed to land a bit short, but it was dark so I just hoped it would be close enough. I got my 2nd rod baited and was just about to cast when the alarm on the first rod starts making a lot of noise. I dropped the rod in my hands and grabbed the fishy one which feels like a decent fish. After a fight of 5 or 6 minutes I have a nice looking mirror carp in the net. At this point I get some photos of the fish (which turns out to be 16lbs 6oz) and work on getting my other rod out only to see Chris’s rod bouncing on the rest.

FFF 004 (1024x683)

FFF 011 (1024x683)

I yell something and Chris is on it. At first it seems the line is snagged and then it come loose of the snag and it seems there is no fish, but false alarm—the fish had just run toward us. No other issues occurred and Chris now had his first ever carp on the mat. At 11lbs 4oz the mirror was not a bad way to start carping! After this I get my rods back out and things really died down.

FFF 023 (1024x683)

FFF 029 (683x1024)

After a few hours of absolutely nothing we see a carp hit the surface down the bank. Chris throws in some bait in the area and moves his rods. In maybe 5 minutes he has another run and has carp number two on the bank. A nice 13lb 7oz fish.

FFF 045 (1024x683)

Well, I would like to say that we continued to catch fish until we fell over but it did not happen. We continued to fish until around 4am when Chris had to head home. I fished for another hour without any action, and the effects of being up for 24 hours began to get to me so I figured that in the interest of public safety I should drive home sooner rather than later. You know when one of your indicator brackets seems to be swaying form side to side it’s time to pack it in.

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Great story, Evan. I had wondered if you and Chris fished together. Unless we get some late submissions, I think you and Chris will have carp #1 and carp #2 for 2015. We shall see. Good luck.--Frank

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Thanks Frank! I have my fingers crossed that we have it in the bag but its not over yet.

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"What a Difference a Year makes"

Last year, January 2014, I was coming off my first full season of carp fishing. Still quite the amature, I decided to fish the FFF. I had some success, so now that " Ive turned PRO" I though Id try it again. ha ha

Last year, I showed up with 1 can of corn. This year I had no less than 6 hook baits in various jars and bottles.

Last year, I fished with two old Bass rod and reel set ups. This year I carried 3 new BR reels and 12 ft rods down to my spot.

Last year, I baited the hooks and casted. This year I spent 10 minutes prebaiting and prepping.

Last year, I awoke at 9:00AM and took my time getting to my spot. This year I arrived at first light worried that "someone was going to take my spot" ( Highly unlikely)

Last year, I caught 4 carp. This year........ Lets just say It wasnt like last year..... But I really did have a Great Time.


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Well put together, Todd; almost poetic, but close to tragic. :P I, too, found out early on that the carp don't care much about level of experience, preparation, and gear quality. Smart move, too, with just two other stories submitted. Good luck.--Frank

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Three very different styles of writing, but I enjoyed those 3 stories very much. Thanks a lot for sharing, and for your dedication in trying to make things happen on the most unlikely day of the year to go fish for carp...

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