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FFF 2015 - Final Results

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Click here for the thread detailing FFF 2015 Final Results and Winning Anglers!

FFF 2015 - Sometimes the weather and the fish win

Sometimes, many times, Mother Nature simply does not cooperate when it comes to carping events scheduled for specific dates. A nation-wide cold front on January 1, 2015 created a double-edged sword for the 60 anglers who registered for CAG’s FFF 2015: The conditions made it just too cold, too icy, or too snowy for many anglers to safely get to and utilize their venues, and, for most who were able to get out on January 1, the carp were tight-lipped and difficult to catch. The biggest winners of FFF 2105 were the weather and the fish.

In total, only eight anglers reported catches on January 1, 2015. All eight anglers, of course, won Lucky 13 prizes for being among the first 13 anglers to capture a carp during FFF 2015.

Thirty-three carp weighing 315 pounds were submitted for FFF 2015 averaging nine pounds, nine ounces.

Six North/Phone Zone anglers submitted 30 catches and two South/Warm Zone participants swept their region’s awards with three valuable carp on the board.

For FFF 2016, more states will move to the South Zone to even out the competition a bit. This year there were three times more North Zone anglers than South Zone participants.

Here’s to a better catch rate for the remainder of 2015 and to a banner day on January 1, 2016 for FFF 2016! Special thanks to CAG for sponsoring/funding the event and to Adam Cieplik for his donation of scales. Huge thanks to all who registered, to all who participated, and to all who had intentions to get out, catch some fish, and win some FFF prizes. Sometimes, the best intentions go unfulfilled. Better luck next year.—Dr. Frank Rink, FFF 2015 Coordinator


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Congrats and kudos to the participants and winners!

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