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CarpQuest - Season 3 - coming soon - Spring 2015 !

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CarpQuest is never over !

The release date for Season 3 of CarpQuest on YouTube is set for Spring 2015. Here is a teaser for you, to get your carp juices flowing ...

The new title teaser trailer has been re-edited and produced in full HD with new footage from the past two seasons of CarpQuest.

Carp Fishing, Fishing, Family, Friends and Fun

Note: This video would not have been possible without the assistance of my brother, Peter Finney, and his production skills. Thanks Bro for all your hard work, patience and dedication in working with me to this finished for the fans!

Hope you enjoy the new titles !



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Leftus, glad you enjoyed the videos - as you watched the whole series, 1 & 2, then you got to see my passion and addiction grow, the journey, from the early days of a couple of Ugly Stick rods, bank Sticks, through to the homemade PVC pod, 12 ft rods, pods, alarms, all the goodies ! Those early days, trying to do commentary that wasn't as boring as watching a 5-day Cricket Test Match, through to multiple camcorders and HD footage!

It's been a fun ride the past few years, many highs, and lows. From sweet corn, to packbaits through to PVA mesh and boilies. The faces and friends that accompanied me on the trips and the playful competition last year with "Ron" - the "Canadian Madman!". In the end, carp fishing for me is all about, fishing, family, friends and having fun !

This year i'm going to be doing some product reviews on the gear and tackle I use (already been working on those, not as easy as I thought!) and have over half a dozen new people lined up to take carping, including my TAKC, on the Quest with me. I plan to get out to more new venues, some in state, some out of state. Somewhere I also hope to spend a few, quiet, peaceful days on the bank, without any cameras, just to fish and have fun !

There just aren't enough days in the carping season it seems to fit everything in !

Hope you have a great 2015 carping year, get out there, put some carp in your net !



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