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Neil Stern

Looking for a new Bivvy

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ever been to one of those places where the fish are just beyond casting distance ? or ever been to a place where the only bank space is occupied ? well I have, many times, so I stated to do some research, and has discovered that this product is now being manufactured in Florida,,,,,have written the fellow and waiting to get pricing on it as well as the options it can come with,,,,,,, LOOK OUT FISHIES,,,,,,,

I might be coming after you in one of these :)

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You’ve always wanted a camper that can travel by land or by sea, right?

If so, you're in luck. Folks in Germany created the Sealander, a towable trailer that’s both a camper and a boat. The transition from land to sea is surprisingly simple: just secure the low-emission, outboard motor to the stern and launch the two-in-one vehicle into the water.


As you might expect, the Sealander as a boat is best suited to calm, shallow bays. (Don’t even think about a trans-Pacific crossing.) Thankfully, the shell is made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic designed to stay afloat even if it springs a leak.


Inside, you’ll find all the creature comforts you’d want in an amphibious trailer. The Sealander comes with a large sunroof, a fold-out table, and seating for six that turns into a bunk bed. Plus, there’s plenty of below-seat storage, and customizable add-ons are available.

Starting at $24,575, sealander.de

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Dale, I've spent that much on Pods :)

waiting to see the prices from Florida, they do the construction there now as well.....:)

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