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The weather man is calling for warm weather starting this weekend and continuing!

I would like to host a get together on St. Patty's Day March 17th. The venue would be erie metro park or North Hydro Park. (thanks Brian and Austin), but am open to other locations. I will provide the corned beef sandwiches and some beverages.

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Interesting that you mention spam as a carp bait. I don't use it here in the States because the catfish go mad for it but back in the 1960s it was my favourite bait on an English syndicate water that we used to fish.

Everyone was experimenting with different bait ideas in those days and the lake saw some interesting food combinations. My favourite, as I said, was spam. I used to cut it into a triangle and push the hook through the hypotenuse (the long side :glare: ) so that it was completely exposed. We'd call it side hooking now but back then, before the hair rig, the "bible" said that hooks had to buried in the bait so as to be invisible, so we were somewhat revolutionary in that approach. That said, it caught us a ton of fish and also gave me something to munch on in the wee small hours when crouched above the rods watching a washing up liquid top that served as a bobbin bite indicater (no bite alarms in those days either, unless you count a penny dropping onto a tin plate!!). Happy days, but I prefer the way we fish now. Just wish I could pop some spam on from time to time when the fishing gets a little slow.....

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