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Back in action! Mirror, good karma fish, and more

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Hey all,

Just a quick update on one of my best sessions since my surgery plagued 2014 season.

Fished a local lake with my friend Ciprean that I had not fished in a couple years and had fairly decent results with around 16 runs resulting in a few good fish.

Here is a beauty of a mirror:


Nice chunker:


My wife and kids were so kind as to fix us up a nice bowl of curry and bring it down. Just minutes after arriving one of my alarms screams and Nikki jumped into action hooking into a solid fish. After Ciprean netted the hog, he laughs and says look at this Andy! Turns out to be the biggest fish of our session...lol!


Here I am posing with Nikki's fish with a captured look thinking wow, nice job babe! Has karma written all over for bringing us down that yummy grub :)


A Lil bit later Nikki grabs another screaming run and lands another nice solid fish:


All in all a great day spent with family friends and the great outdoors! It's good to be back into action!

C-ya all on the bank,


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Really nice day's angling. Well done!

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Nice outing. Well done! The mirror is stunning

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great fish all around awesome mirror the scales are bad asr.

nothing better then a family outing. i figured out how to take the daughter out fishing..... now i need to figure out how to take the wife lol :titanic:

whats the secrete :icon_smoking:

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