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Hi William,

Happy to hear you will be coming to SC - the place needs more CAG members! Both lakes you mention (Hartwell/Keowee) have plenty of carp, however they tend to be on the smaller size with a mid-teen being a good fish when I have fished there. The Saluda River might have some bigger fish - I am down in Columbia and the Saluda feeds into Lake Murray which has 50+lb common and grass carp. There are also pay lakes in that area if you enjoy that sort of fishing. Let me know once you get down here and I'll get some more details for you.



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I suggest you sign up on the GON forum (Georgia Outdoor News) -- www.GON.com -- and occasionally look at the bowfishing thread. Those guys hold quite a few tournaments in certain sections of Lake Hartwell, so that might give you some ideas as to which sections of the lake hold a lot of carp. You might also check Lake Russell, the next big lake downriver from Hartwell.

I'm sure they check our carp angling forums to look for new spots to bow-fish. Turnabout is only fair, so we might as well use their forums to find out where they're seeing carp.

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