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Lake Shenandoah, Va this Friday (4/22)

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Anyone interested in meeting up?


15+ possible. There have been some trophies here caught in the past (length). Not seeing many report trophies weight wise. But, I'm assuming 20+ would likely be plausible.

More so getting out there because it's away from the city, quiet, beautiful scenery and a nice calm lake. Bringing just my two simple spinning carp set-ups and a few cans of corn. May bait it up early when I get there in some good looking spots along weed lines or areas with carp activity. Probably just use some bread and anise/vanilla with pieces of corn mixed in, but nothing crazy.

Would love to have a partner out there. Let me know!


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Hey Jason, planning on a late afternoon / PM Session at Shenandoah Lake this Sunday. This will be my first time fishing the lake, any pointers, or Information would be appreciated. Lets get together sometimes and tag team some CARP.

Thank you.

Tight lines and a wet net.

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