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Some fish moving today

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nothing too special to report but things have been slow for me the last 3 weeks trying to find some active fish.

have been focusing on some river mouths around Lake Ontario and seeing lots of fish in the shallows cruising but no takers on a number of trips so far.

today I abandoned rivers and heading for a sandy shallow beach that has been good to me from end of April to mid May -based on the dates from previous years pictures.

Wind was up and made fishing a float very difficult so I made a choice to switch over to a bottom rig. Had the baitrunner rigged up with 10 lb braid and started with some honey cumin corn. Saw several carp breach along the shore but no takers.

I had put together a tub of oats and bits and pieces from odd particles from bulk barn and thought I'd change up. Put a wire feeder on and switched to good old mussel corn. Now I did start balling up some oats and chummed the area. In about 10 minutes I started to see the line jump around a lot. My buzzer was starting to do a lot of single beeps and you could just tell something was on the feeder. They'd clean the feeder and I'd repack it. This went on for a bit and then had the first good take. Was pretty wild to see the line jumping the way id did.

29" fatty


This went on for a while and I was able to land another 5 from 26" to 31.125"

Ran out of oats so I gotta hit up Dollarama and bulk barn tomorrow

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There's a gut! Good going Fang.

I got out yesterday for the first time myself and blanked on my favourite early season spot on Hammy Harbour. A few people came by to tell me they had seen some carp cruising further up from where I was, but I didn't see any myself. The winds made fishing not much fun too, so hopefully better days ahead.

I'm officially jealous!

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Spent 3 hours out Sunday morning and boy was it quiet, not even a line bump for the first 2.5 hours

10 minutes before I had to pack up the buzzer goes off

Had some very big shoulders and measured 34.25 "


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