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Jason DeFreitas

Ft. Belvoir Tonight?

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I'll be heading there straight after work. If you come before 9pm you can enter through Tulley. After 9pm have to use Pence. The water is easy to get to, couple turns max, ask someone at the gate and they can direct you. You can get a pass at the gate for fishing, called yesterday to check. Just need a valid driver's license.

I will be there from about 6pm til 1 - 2am depending on bite. However, if it is on, I have no issues making it a late night. I don't have any lights (there are a few street lamps nearby). But, I do have my cell phone flashlight for rigging up need be :).

Bring your own food/drink. I have about 4 - 5 cans of canned corn. Usually fish to the right of the island. Apparently they are all full tilt spawn in the bay there right now, so barring we don't have a ton of bow fishermen out, should be some good bites tonight. Weather is great, tides are decent. 6:20pm is high tide, so we will have a slack tide first couple of hours, but then we get outgoing shortly thereafter, which has been my best time for carp so far over the last two seasons.

Hope to see some of ya'll out there. My cell is 703-798-0536. Feel free to hit me up.

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