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Minnesota Fish In - Saturday August 8th - Plz RSVP by August 6th

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Minnesota fish in!

We can do Saturday and Sunday if people are interested. That way we can fish at night as well. If people want to overnight. I have a couple 2 man tents and a super giant tent folks are welcome to use to camp out if they want. I'll provide a big BBQ for a lunch and dinner and pancake breakfast if needed. If we'll have enough people a keg of beer as well. (once you RSVP plz don't bail I will be buying food and beer based on the number of folks I know are coming)

Our cabin is on Lake Marion which is in Brownton between Hutchinson and New Ulm. It's about an hour away from the cities. Easy traffic free drive too. Carp breach right off shore of the cabin and we have a big dock and a lot of shore to fish from. We are also within walking distance of some other swims. The lake also has largemouth bass, pike, walleye, crappie and catfish. I should have a fishing boat available as well.

So please let me know who's coming and we'll make it happen!

Lake info: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/lakefind/lake.html?id=43008400

Name: Marion
ID: 43008400
County: McLeod
Near: Brownton
Border Water: No

Fish Species: black bullhead, black crappie, bluegill, brown bullhead, channel catfish, green sunfish, hybrid sunfish, largemouth bass, northern pike, sunfish, walleye, white crappie, yellow bullhead, yellow perch, common carp, white sucker, fathead minnow, golden shiner, Iowa darter

Ok here's a link to a depth map http://files.dnr.sta...ps/b0027012.pdf now I'm located on that point that juts out into the lake to the left of the county park/campground.
I am going to try and attach a pic, the red circle is me, the green is the public fishing spots with benches, the purple is the rod and gun club (we are members) they have a boat launch area near the beach that could be fished if needed.

I will post directions (I can't remember the addresss yet) but basically put Lake Marion Mcleod county or Brownton into your GPS. when you are going by the Lake on Rt15 you'll see the end of the lake and the fishing benches, then you will see a sign that says Lake Marion Supper Club, take that road that's my road. Like I said I will post better directions when it gets closer and I will have signage out on the roads the day of the fish in.

Here's a 16lb Carp we caught on our first cast about 2 weeks ago. Caught 3 about the same size last night and lost 2 that were much bigger:


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I'm in.

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Havent seen any carp activity no carp breaching anywheres for over a week.

Besides the usual summer fishing issues our lake has had a blue green algae bloom.

I'm going to postpone the fish in. I don't want guys driving for hours to catch nothing. Plus the water is toxic to humans and pets. My gf waded into the water to help get the boat on the trailer. She got rashes on her ankles for her troubles.

I was hoping it would clear up. My neighbors assure me it doesn't happen often or stick around long. But the water looks like green paint with zero visibility.

We'll try again in late August early September when the fishing gets back to being good.

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