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Minnesota Fish In! Live!

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Ctdaniels was a fantastic host. Along with allowing us to use his dock/lawn, he had his girlfriend even prepared a great dinner! Overall we picked up close to 40 fish between the 5 of us. The largest was a picked up by Syed Jaffer. Am sure he will put up some pics :-)

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what an fantastic day fishing.. many double runs ..end of day we all were tired hauling fish one after another. Its a really nice place on CT cabin. As organizer CT did a great job by setting up with his invented rod holders on docks.. you got us fish ,food and drinks.. you ROCK.

we only weigh few as it was real busy with bites .. the fish looks really healthy and looks big.. the regular 15 we catch in missi river looks way smaller than the 12pounder i saw today...

Here are some pics..











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So my neighbor questioned my GF on what we were doing yesterday. (He's very old and hard of hearing) She explained that we were Carp fishing. He asked what we did with the fish. After he learned we released them he proceeded to scold her and give her a lecture on why the Carp should be killed and how the Rod & Gun club pays a "professional" to net the Carp to get rid of them.


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He's so frail he'd get pulled in the lake. While he was at it he bitched about the tree branches we cut off his trees. Despite the fact that by right of law we can cut anything hanging over our roof, raining leaves and sap down on our shingles ruining the roof. Let alone if they break off damaging the house. He bemoans the branches being gone even tho they weren't hanging over his property??? What benefit to him did they have? Aestethics???

Then he whined that 1\2 of my UTV, 2 Wheels! Were on his property line! 2 Wheels! He's pissy cuz I got two wheels on his property but I'm supposed to be OK with giant tree branches reaching over my house???

From now on anytime I fish and he's out there when I catch a carp I'm gonna look right him and smile as I release it back into the lake.


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after 4 failed attempts catching carp on minneatonka (I seen fish there but they not eating anything i throw out and boats..everywhere) finally desperate to catch some good fish - I went to CT's today and fished about 3hrs. I has 4 fish the first one was my first mirror .. a small one but was very happy to have finally landed one.

2'nd fish took the line slowely .. not big scream .. but after about 2 mins it kept taking in lot of line i played slowly.. - Im guessing this be atleast 20 or may be more - I didnt had the scale today .. started packing my gear for the season and this was just last one for this year.. the pic may not justify this fish but it was big and very heavy.. I seen and felt 20's but this Im not sure about this one..

so how much this one was anyone ??

CT landed one as big as this one but it was dark and my poor phone didnt had flash the pic came dark :( ..




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I heard CT caught a large channel cat to spice up his birthday!

Jaffar, that should be in the low 20's. Good looking fish. Too bad my weekends have been filled up with family activities. Would have loved to wet the lines.

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