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Wild Carp Club New England Tournament

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Heritage Park, Lowell, Mass', October 18th, 18 hours, 6am to midnight, for more info or registration see Joshua Leach on Facebook.


$100 bucks per. Team. $1,500 pay out.

Heritage Park, Lowell, MA.

6am to 12am Oct. 18th

Don't miss this event. Taking names now.


******************* *********

Carp Tournaments- Wild Carp Club of New England

Team Tournament rules for 2015

Here the rules: You must have a Massachusetts Fishing License.



1.st place trophies will receive($900) 60% of all entry money.

2.nd place trophies will receive($450) 30% of all entry money.

3.rd place trophies, will receive($150) 10% of all entry money.

There well be the biggest carp side pot money.

Entry fee $100.00 per. Team.

Side pot money $20.00 per team for the biggest carp.

If all 15 teams ($300)


1.Winning team will be determined by total weight caught.

2. Only carp will count for total weight.

3. Each team tournament angler will be allowed to have a net Man or runner to help with netting and handling of the fish net man may not touch the rods or reels in any fashion only your team angler can.

4. when you get your peg. You must fish straight ahead. please do not cross other teams lines. Good etiquette is required. No profanity. No loud music. Must keep area clear of trash and take all trash out with you.

5.Once you have caught a fish. Call the weigh marshall on your cell phone. The weigh marshall will come to your area, to weigh your fish when the weigh marshall is ready to weigh your fish. An air horn will sound off to notify other teams that a fish is being weighed.

6.Good carp care is the utmost importance. All carp shall be released back into the lake.

7.Tournament director and /or weigh marshall will have final say on any issues that may arise.

8.You are allowed 2 rods. One hook per line. (no treble hooks.) 4 rods per team.

9. please be there early to sign your entry waiver. At least one hour before the Tournament. There will be a peg draw 30 minutes before the tournament starts. There will be 2 draws. One for the team and the other one for the peg number.

10. Acts of cheating, violence, and blatant disregard for the tournament rules by either team member will be grounds for automatic disqualification and removal from the tournament. No refunds will be given.

11. The team at the end of the Tournament that wins the biggest carp will receive side pot money.

12. We take the entry fee via Paypal. (joshua.leach4799@gmail.com) Money must be received at least three days before tournament.

13. You can chum but must wait until the tournament starts.

15. If there's no carp caught at the end of the tournament see rule #7.

16. At the end of the tournament you will hear an air horn. The tournament is over. If you have a fish on before the air horn goes off. Please notify the tournament director. So we can get your carp weighed.

17. There will be award ceremony at the end of the tournament with prizes.


Thank you again and good luck.

Tournament director.

Joshua Leach

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