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Awesome morning fishing flooded river


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Hi guys, I've had a blast this morning! I thought this was kind of like a discovery month entry but not really, since it's my same spot that I've been fishing for about 6 weeks now. But, we've had a ton of rain over the last few days, and the river is getting really high. The place where I usually put my chair is under about 2 feet of water. Check out the levels for the past few days here: http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?site_no=03461500

Anyhow, a couple weeks ago I went early Saturday morning after it had rained on Friday & didn't catch a thing. It was just dead, no bites or anything. I didn't have very high hopes for this morning, but there was gonna be a break in the rain for a couple of hours so I thought I'd try my luck.

I caught 3 carp in an hour and half before the rain started! And I learned a few things too.

1. Flooded banks mean swarming carp!

I was getting bites pretty consistently by casting just a couple feet in front of where my chair usually sits. The first one I hooked today ended up being the biggest one, and he was putting up a heck of a fight! He kept running towards a big tree on my left that has two huge roots. Normally, when the water isn't up this high, that generally means a lost fish if you let them get over towards those roots. But for some reason the higher water level made it easier to let him make his runs without getting around stumps & roots. So I decided to move over to that part of the bank to bring him in instead of dragging him all the way over to my spot. Just as I was getting him in the net, the drag started screaming on my other rod! I got the big one in the net then went over to grab my other rod, then put the big one back in the water while standing on the handle of the net.

2. When it comes to snags, patience is a virtue

The fish on was much smaller, average size for my swim, but he had got under one of those roots. I could still feel him tugging but trying to pull him out wasn't doing much good & I knew I'd just break my line. With a little patience, he came out from under the root and I was able to get him to the bank...

3. If you're gonna have two lines in the water, have two nets handy!

...but as I was bent over trying to get a hold of him, the hook tore out and he took off. I was still able to get a picture of the big one tho! Considering I weigh 315lbs (I know I know, working on slimming down) how much do you think this guy weighs? I would guess at least 20lbs but I've never had a fish on a scale so I could be way off.


And one last thing I learned today, I either need to consistently have a buddy with me to take the pictures, or I need a tripod for my phone, cause trying to take a selfie while cradling a carp is neither easy or effective haha.

Oh, and we're supposed to keep getting rain today, so the river will probably get a little bit higher. If it holds off for a little while in the morning, you can bet I'll be back!

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If "needing a second net", and "needing a buddy to take your photos" are the worst problems you ever have to deal with, you'll be fine !!! :)

Nice Job.

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Fantastic day in spite of the high water. That fish is upper teens to about 20 as mentioned. Now..........if I had caught it, it would weigh about 30 lbs. Where were you fishing? Found it by looking at the link on your post. Pigeon River, huh? Let me check the mileage from here to Newport.

Edit: From my hacienda to Exit 435 at Newport is 139 miles; about 2-1/2 hours, depending on how many wrecks there are in Knoxville.

Question: would this be a decent place to have the First Fish Folly, Jan 1, 2016? Haven't fished it in two years as I haven't found anyone to fish with.

Story about flooding and surprises: My uncle's farm outside of Columbus, OH, flooded in about 1953. After the water went down, Dad and Uncle Mike were checking things out and found a deep hole scoured out by the current at the corner of the milk house. Swimming around in circles was a gar about 3 feet long. The water went down and he got stranded.

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I love fishing when rivers are flooded... You're right, it totally changes the scenery, the best spots, the approach, everything. And yes, I've had the same experience of fishing VERY close to the margin, and getting multiple runs in a row.

PS. agreed, if you're careful with your net, you can land two fish at the same time, I did it a few times. Now if you get two 30s at the same time, this could get a bit tricky!

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Potentially! I just took up carp fishing about two months ago, so I've obviously never fished in winter, but I sure plan to! I actually made a photosphere of the spot while waiting for a bite one day when the water was at normal levels: https://www.google.com/maps/@35.9421539,-83.17849,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1s-eIoyBy31tsA%2FVeGXHsVjVXI%2FAAAAAAAAIi0%2FYI_UWH4hhq0!2e4!3e11!6s%2F%2Flh6.googleusercontent.com%2F-eIoyBy31tsA%2FVeGXHsVjVXI%2FAAAAAAAAIi0%2FYI_UWH4hhq0%2Fw203-h101-n-k-no%2F!7i9728!8i4864

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Nice fish and good story! I would say the fish in the picture is 18.8 lbs. But you can say it's a 20lb beast :-)

When fishing flooded rivers, I normally pitch the hook bait close to shore and pray that the fish won't go between trees. Have lost a lot of fish that way...but have caught some pigs as well.

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Ah yes carp and flooded rivers...these two go together!

What REALLY annoys me is that this is precisely the conditions I had over my Fall break last weekend down here in rainy GA and I had difficulty getting a bite, managing just a couple of low doubles and a smaller carp in around 12 hours of fishing. But that is fishing...when you think you know what to do the river and the fish give you the proverbial sign!

However it is in these conditions when I usually catch tight to the near bank and I am often left wondering how the carp can swim upright without me seeing them as there are times when I have been fishing in less than 18 inches of water and getting upper doubles/ low twenties out.

For any daft enough to try cocoa colored rivers I have found that worm with diced worm in the chum works or, when there are small catfish about, chunks of spam. I assume any heavily flavored bait would work, but at least here in GA, I have found that the meaty flavors work better than sweet.

Spam is certainly brilliant at at attracting turtles it has to be said and so I find I often use this bait in the flooded Spring rivers.


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