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Looking Back on 2015

Brian Pearcy

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This afternoon I was reflecting back on the year and since we have 3 or 4 weekends remaining where the weather will allow me to fish before it drives me indoors for the winter I thought I should get organized for the final carp fishing push for 2015. Earlier this year I made a list of goals on my fishing blog to add some accountability for achieving them. I have accomplished some, but fallen short on others. Here is the list with a few omitted to protect some top secret information. Wink, wink.

  • I would like to help two or three new folks learn how to carp fish. I'd like to continue paying it forward. I have accomplished this one via my website.
  • I hope to catch 175 or more carp in 2015. (I need to average 5 fish per session to do it, which is a significant increase in last year's catch rate. Otherwise I need to fish a few more times.) It looks like I will fall short on this one. My go to venue is not producing like it did in previous years. Time to find some new spots.
  • I hope to catch multiple fish weighing more than 30 pounds, which would give me a new personal best. 3 or 4 weeks left, but it looks like I may fall short on this one.
  • I'd like to catch a small mouth buffalo. Accomplished this many times over this year.
  • I'd like to catch a koi or goldfish. Not accomplished.
  • I would like to fish at least 4 times per month starting in March and ending in November. That's 36 chances at a 30+ pound fish. Accomplished.
  • I hope to continue developing the blog. I wrote 153 posts so far. I'd like to add another 150 posts this season with lots and lots of pictures with a few videos sprinkled in to make things a little more interesting and to add variety. I am up to 213 posts, so it's time to kick it up a few notches.

Here's one of the buff's I caught that I am super proud of:


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I'm impressed with the way you approach the sport of carping! I especially like the idea of introducing two or three to carp fishing. Thanks for sharing this information. Good luck in finishing the year with lots of gold!

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