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Last Day of the Season! The Kitchen Sink!


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I'm pretty sure this will be the last fishing day of the season. Definetely the last where I invite a bunch of people to fish and have BBQ. I was psyched when I got to the cabin late afternoon last night to see carp breaching. I was worried that after 6 nights in the low 40's to mid 30's that the water might have gotten too cold already.

3 days ago I took everything that was left for carp bait and method mix and saving just enough boilies for today I mixed it all together and made chum blocks. I love making these cuz I'm lazy. I find Spombing and spodding to be too much work. I make these mini loaves and they fit in my Fox baiting spoon and I can easily huck them 50' or so. Add that to the 48' my dock juts out into the water and I can bait up a large area in about 30 seconds. And FYI EVERY time I use them we catch loads of carp!

I call these the Kitchen Sink since these blocks have everything but the kitchen sink in them:


Bread crumbs

Jafar's left over method mix from last weekend

About 2lbs of different color, size, flavor boilies

Pineapple flavored sweet corn 3\4 of a jar

1\2 lb of this method type mix a CAG member sent me to try that is supposed to go in mixes put in PVA, never got around to using it so in it went

3\4 of a Jar of NGT tiger nuts

3\4 bag of tiger nut flour

1\2 bottle of tutti frutti flavor

Packet of peach jello

1 large bottle of corn syrup

2 cans cream corn

All the little packs of free samples I've acquired in a year of online carp gear buying.

I'm sure I'm missing some stuff but you get the idea. After it was all in and mixed together it was a large bait bucket of chum mix. Probably 4 gallons worth. I needed to head to work pretty quick so I filled the oven with mini loaves and set the temp to 500. While the oven heated up I loafed up the remaining chum and put it in the freezer. I was only able to leave the stove on for 15 mins or so before I had to leave. So I turned off the oven and left them in there to dry for a couple days. They looked like this:


So arriving at the cabin just before dark last night I was overjoyed to see carp breaching all over the place. I went down to the dock and threw out the freezer loafs.

So its 5am now and 35F and pitch dark here. I got up to put the meat on the smoker for the BBQ today. After that was done I grabbed 6 more mini loaves of chum out of the oven and a flashlight and walked out onto the dock to chuck them in the lake. After blowing down towards the public fishing area for 4 days the wind has changed blowing right at our shoreline. Perfect. Even better I still hear carp breaching all around me. I think it's gonna be a great of day of Carping! Which is good cuz I got 4 non believers coming to fish and have BBQ. They are going to try and walleye fish. How many big carp do you think I'll haul in before they abandon that and join me?

More to follow......

P.S. If you are in MN or from anywhere and want to come down and join us the more the merrier! PM me here or look up my last fish in for directions.

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Now you need to take good note of this EXACT recipe, as I'm certain it's going to work, and you'll need to do it again and again WITHOUT changing ANYTHING to it... Very amusing and I'm sure, very effective.

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nice fish. Next spring, I am setting up a tent on your shoreline and living there for a while :-) .Let's home they won't bring on commercial fishermen and haul these carp away...I know they are always looking to do that around here

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