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You don't have to be wealthy to be rich

Ol Captain

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You don't have to be wealthy to be rich

"Cool Dad" Gill and I were talking just the other day about the future. We decided that there will come a day when our kids put us in a Home we will sit on the porch and slobber and reflect on our lives. As we sit there we will overhear some of our peers saying "Man, I wish I had done that or I wish I had gone there." While they are talking that talk Ol Tim and I are going to be saying..."Remember the time we went there? How about the time we did that?" We believe the man was spot on when he said "Get busy living or get busy dying." You don't have to be wealthy to be rich but you do need to set some personal goals or have an ongoing "Bucket list" to be successful in this endeavor.

For some time now I have wanted to take my beloved canoe (The Carp Shark) to the Apalachicola River in Chattahoochee, Florida.



I've wanted to paddle this river where I know in my heart that native Americans once paddled way back in the day. I wanted to cruise along under the remnants of the old Victory Bridge that was built across the river almost 100 years ago. I've wanted to investigate the Lock where boats travel from Lake Seminole through the lock and then on to Apalachicola Bay 100 miles to the south.





I also wanted to see if we could land old Cyprinus Carpio from the bow of the boat as well. Many times in the past while fishing from the West Bank we have gotten a fish on and then they get hung up in the snags just off the bank. Our plan was to have the canoe in position so that said angler could get in the bow with his rod and a partner (and possibly a little dog) could maneuver the boat past the snag, thus freeing the fish. After being free the angler in the bow would be able to play the fish and eventually bring him alongside. In the early days our forefathers would have called this a Nantucket Sleigh Ride.






You might be thinking..."You guys are too dang old to even be thinking in those terms!" Well, all I can say is that our Crew this week ranged from 62 to 73 years of age and during these past 4-5 days we were boys again.

Our Crew this week consisted of from L-R Jim "Hatman" Hatter, O.D Forrester, Tim "Cool Dad" Gill, a little dog that needs no introduction and of course, yours truly.



For three full days we fished until sundown. We then loaded the truck, ate, cleaned up and slept in our room at a local Fish Camp and started the process again the next day. On Thursday we fished only a half day and stayed on the east bank just for convenience and to allow ourselves time to drive the 4 1/2 hour trip back home.

Did we strike Gold on the Apalachicola this week? I thought you'd never ask.....

This is just a sample of this week's Florida Gold Rush!














Folks, I will take the memories of this week to my grave. To say it was fun is like saying the ocean is deep. It was one for the books and I for one, cannot wait until our next trip.

If you are ever down in Chattahoochee Florida and see my truck parked strategically under the flag pole at Hardee's you can rest assured that another adventure is in progress. In fact, you might just want to drop everything you are doing and come see us because we have found that you don't have to be wealthy to be rich.



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You might be thinking..."You guys are too dang old to even be thinking in those terms!" Well, all I can say is that our Crew this week ranged from 62 to 73 years of age and during these past 4-5 days we were boys again.

Love this quote... and the entire story! Shouldn't fishing be all about recovering some of our youthful spirit? I'd like to think that.

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Another great story from the Captain! Plus great pictures of the venue where they fish at times in addition to other places that hold gold. They say that times like the Captain and the Crew experienced remind us of days gone by. I recall a time in central Ohio, fishing with my father, standing knee deep in Big Walnut Creek and catching one fish after another. Nothing big but the bluegill and little catfish kept us busy. That was about 60 years ago.

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