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Finally fishing in Tennessee again!


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So this last year has been absolutely busy for myself. So many changes have kept me from fishing as much as in the past, if at all. I bought a new house, got a new carp mobile, added a 4 legged friend to hopefully be a carp hound as she ages, landed a new rewarding but demanding job, and met a wonderful woman much smarter and better looking than myself (not that I set a high bar!). In between November of 2014 and this October I had not fished at all. Almost a full year of not touching a carp. I squeezed in small shark fishing on vacation at the beach, but it just isn't the same.

So in September when Charlie (Spoon) gave me a call with a desire to fish, I knew fish I must. Which of course began by buying a fishing license, and trying to see if all my gear still worked. In the new house I have an entire office dedicated to my 2 hobbies, brewing beer and catching carp. After gathering the gear I was out the door before the sun thought to rise to see about catching a carp where I first met other CAG members, the Kingston Steam Plant.

Not only was I getting out on the water to fish, but the infamous Zoomie would make the drive to fish with myself and Charlie. A reunion on the bank, and a northern transplant carper also made it down. Finally able to meet a person I conversed with online for a long, long time. Old friends and new friends. The day would already be ideal!

In a great rarity I beat all other anglers to the bank. I guess I was excited. Even when they did arrive, I also got lines in the water first, another rare occurence. Spoon had been kind enough to bait up a few days and I had high hopes in some carp. To say the morning was foggy would be like saying the sun is hot.

Now not 20 minutes after I sunk my first 2 lines in the water, I had 2 fish on at the same time. Always there to help was Spoon on the 2nd rod. A nice double of some acceptable carp.


As we are posing with our fish, my long lost carping brother made his appearance and photo bomb, as is his style.


The reunion was complete and carp talk began in earnest. Old stories are swapped and fish tales told. Adam was finally able to hear some of the finest stories that Tennessee has to offer bankside as John, Charlie and myself have seen plenty of interesting things over the years.

Of course a trip to Kingston without a catfish is not complete and I fulfilled my duty. Zoomie handled the buffalo honors, but pics or it didn't happen is his motto. But I am telling you, it happened.


The fish came steady to all anglers. I don't think I have any of Adams but he certainly caught. To keep the post from rambling forever here are some of the shots from the day.



Always one to mug for the camera. Something seems wrong with its face, and the carp was weird too!


Spoon seems to always find the biggest of the day at Kingston




All in all, it was a better day than I ever imagined and the carp bug got me again. Thanks to John, Charlie and Adam for the wonderful time on the bank. Since my dog can finally go a full day unsupervised in the house, fishing is back in the picture.

**I also had to venture to a new water in a post to come, but I got a new PB!

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Nice write-up. I remember fishing that spot a few years ago. The parking area under the bridge seemed to be a favorite "resting spot" for highway workers. Once, I saw 4 white government owned pickup trucks parked there with the drivers gabbing or snoozing for a couple of hours......... B)

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Skammer, is South Africa considered Northern? Or have I missed something along the way? Either way, Willem was most patient in holding a Carp 101 class for me that day, which I will never forget. mcwrestler, welcome back to the world of carping!

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Dude, you finally got your priorities in order! Good for you! And very nice to see Zoomie on some pics (yeah, I know, it's weird to say that with the faces he tends to make!).

This story settled something for me... I was quite tempted to go visit TN in 2016. Now I'm no longer tempted. I'm going to do it for sure!

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Jerome, let us know when you decide to venture down here. We'll see what we can do to put you on to some carp. I would like to take you and any others who would like to visit the venue that needmotime2fish and I frequent. He posted some pictures of our recent outing. Several motels and restaurants are close to the venue.

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