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Fully Scaled Mirror and Mid-20's Common Carp

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I have been carp fishing for almost 3 years at this point. That's 3 solid years concentrating on carp specimen fishing. I don't fish for anything else.

There is a local venue known for mirror carp. I fished the venue a lot when I was starting out because it's loaded with carp and it's close to my house. I see others catching mirror carp at that venue on a regular basis, but they have been elusive for me at that venue. I fish there because the action is usually fairly steady, although a 20 pound common would be considered "large" for that particular location. I had always hoped to catch a mirror and finally did last year (my first).

There is another venue that I fish quite a bit as well. I like it because it's near Lake Erie and there is a chance to catch a nice lake fish at any given time, especially in autumn.

I was at that location today hoping to catch a new personal best, which for me is 27 pounds or greater. The action was fast and furious for me beginning within 30 minutes of my first cast.

I never really considered the chance to catch a mirror carp at that location, but today I was rewarded with a very nice fully scaled mirror (my second ever mirror).


I caught 14 fish in total ranging from 4 pounds to 24 + pounds. Most of the fish were in the mid-teens.

Here's a picture of the largest fish I caught today. It's not a new personal best, but I enjoyed catching it.



I should also give a tip of the hat to Korda wide gap hooks, Sonik reels, Trilogy flavored maize, and WCB 3D powdered flavored dip.

And I'll add an extra bit of trivia. I was worried that 2015 was less productive than 2014 and I fell short of some of my fishing goals. But I hit it hard in October and my October results for 2015 surpassed my 2014 totals - 42 vs. 38.

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Nice pair of fish. The Mirror is a beaut!

I have a large reservoir - Willard Bay- north of me an hour's drive reputed and known for its big Mirrors of 20+ #'s .

I have yet to fish it......what? I do have one pond at work with mirrors, and another about 40 mins away that is full of mirrors. So I can get my mirror fix on demand rather easily.

willard is also more well known for its wiper , walleye and catfish populations which attracts the crowds and summer time it becomes a prop chop disaster with a super major bug problem.

Maybe next spring right after ice out.

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