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What is it about Carp that enable them to stay out of the water longer and yet still remain healthy?

How are they different from a Bass or Perch or Pike. Somebody posed this question to me and I struggled to give them a good answer.

I know it to be true but I don't know why......



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I think there will be a lot of variables. Temp is a big one. The cooler it is the longer they can survive as the heat will dry out a fish. I would imagine the swim bladder plays a role in it. To me the biggest thing would be keeping water near the gills. As soon as the gills dry the fish suffocates. Gills are meant for water so once the water is removed that is it for them. I would imagine it would be a respiratory failure at that point. To give a set time though I can not as there would be too many variables involved.

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Brian, Thank you for your response, but my question still remains......???

How come a carp can stay out of the water for 8-10 mins. without much harm. ( they swim away strong and quickly)

If a Bass stayed out for 8-10 mins. it would be struggling and in need a lot of reviving to swim away. Possibly not make it..

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Via a Google search...

In addition, its blood has a much higher affinity for oxygen than any other vertebrate, and it makes tranquilizers and produces alcohol when oxygen supplies are limited.

("It" being a carp, of course)

From everything else I've read, seems as if they can keep the oxygen in their bloodstreams for longer, so when they are out of the water, they are fine until all that oxygen runs out - a lot longer than other fish.

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