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Fall CAG Big 4 - Final Results


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Thanks to all of the contestants who took part this year. We had 25 anglers participating with over half of these registering fish onto the leaderboard.

I write up and overview of results will be included in the upcoming NACA (Printed Q4 Edition) but below is a summary of the winners. I will be in contact with all of them by the end of the week to give them the details of the prizes they have won.

Big 4 Overall Weight:

1st - 155lb 10oz Dean Brookes

2nd - 127lb 8oz Barry Howard

3rd - 120lb 8oz Jerome Moisand

4th - 113lb 4oz Todd Richer

5th - 106lb 2oz Matt Janiszewski

6th - 93lb 10oz Craig Welch

7th - 83lb 2oz David Pickering

8th - 75lb 140z Cesar Espinoza

9th - 69lb 6oz Christian Torres

10th - 66lb 2oz Tom Perron

Big Common:

44lb 10oz Dean Brookes

Big Mirror:

36lb 4oz Dean Brookes

Big 2 (common and mirror combined)

80lb 14oz Dean Brookes

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Thanks to all who signed up and/or participated, big congrats to the winners, and special kudos to Dean Brookes for the sweep and for coordinating! Well done and well organized. Thanks to CAG for the opportunity to play. --Frank

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And I thought the English superiority was a thing of the past... Which makes Dean an old wise dude and Iain a modernist, I guess? :glare:


I think you may have your UK youth-culture time-frames out of whack. My uncle born in 1946 actually was a Mod in the mid 60s. I on the other hand was still watching Andy Pandy and Bill & Ben at that time. :)


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Some very impressive results here. Great job to all who took part.

And, Dean.....AWESOME.

Dean not only deserves credit for the fish he landed but also the great job he did running this tournament. THANKS for stepping up.

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Thanks everyone. I'm very happy with the number of anglers who competed in the fall and I hope it doubles next year.

As for the fish I caught I had some good sessions with a limited amount of time and was very happy being as I hardly fished in the spring. Hopefully, I'll be able to free up some time to defend the title in the 2016 Spring Big 4.

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