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We were at the funeral of our son-in-law's uncle. My wife and I had a time to chat with one of her former teachers after the service. I have fished with her husband Ernie for trout on one of our local tailwater rivers on occasion. She also fishes for trout. Di worked at a large sporting goods store in their hometown. In order to know what flyfishing is all about, they company sent her to an Orvis school! Nancy mentioned that I had a new hobby- carp fishing. She just had to mention all the new gear that I bought. I gave Di the CAG website address. When we were leaving, Nancy remembered that I had some CAG brochures in the van. She gave me one and I passed it along to Di. She works during the week but Ernie works at a local business and works swing shifts. Opens the way to fish during the week. Will keep in touch with them. Maybe Nancy and I can host a mini fish-in with them and their daughter on a weekend.

BTW, Di was asking if I caught carp on a fly rod. Told her that was on the list for next spring. Di said she had caught a carp that reached her waist....about 2-1/2-3 feet long I would estimate.

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