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New CarpQuest Episode: CAG Fish-In Colorado

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In this weeks new episode of CarpQuest, Andrew Holt and I host an impromptu Carp Anglers Group - Colorado fish-in at Andrew's local lake, the Fairgrounds in Adams County. Though we are the only 2 full CAG members here in Colorado, we fly the flag and do our best to promote catch & release carp fishing to the local masses, spreading the word.

The fish-in proved to be remarkable, with almost 20 carp banked between the two of us, including a couple of nice twenties and four carp pushing 18 lb's. Hopefully this video demonstrates that carp truly are the "Worlds Greatest Sportsfish" and that we have some amazing mile-high carping available here in Colorado. We certainly do have some beautiful wild specimens here in our state.

If you are ever interested in getting in a session here in our State, just drop us note and hopefully help to get you onto some fish.



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I would admit, fishing with another passionate carp angler and CAG member, in this case Andrew, was a great experience. Much of my success during the session was due to the fact we could discuss the swim, conditions, what we could see and adjust our strategy accordingly. What likely made the difference in catch rates, once we switched over to both using the same baits to eliminate that factor, was distance. I was fishing maybe 10-20 yards further out towards a channel that runs across the middle of the lake. We figured out y the afternoon that the carp were moving left to right, in-front of us and then feeding in groups over on the right at quite a distance from the shore. I was able to successfully pick off a lot of fish as they crossed before us, much like my friend James did, a few weeks earlier. We had to both constantly adjust our spot to the conditions we could see on the surface, bubbling, fizzing signs of carp activity. I suspect in 2016, Andrew and I are going to be out and about across Colorado, venturing to new lakes and discovering what new hidden treasures of carping Colorado holds.

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