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Conestogo Carping

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Well, in response to Arvand's post about the lack of posts( lol ), I was inspired to drag out a few pics from a quick session my friend Steve and I enjoyed after work a couple of months ago.

We hiked down to the Conestogo River to a spot where a bend in the river and some old crumbled abutments created a slack water pool. My friend had hooked into fish here in the past so we kept our fingers crossed as we didn't have much time before nightfall.


I catapulted out a bit of maize into the pool then cast out several kernels of maize on a hair( with a single buoyant kernel ), bolt-rigged. I was perched awkwardly on a rock and surrounded by overhanging branches, so the carp pod wasn't an option here and I had to keep a steady watch on my rod tip and line( the old fashioned way ).

My buddy pitched out some canned sweet corn into his area of the pool and fished a few kernels threaded straight onto his hook, which he's had success with in the past.

Things were quiet at first and I remember wishing that I taken my friend up on his offer to fish here on a weekend when we'd have an entire day. But fortunately, my baitrunner in free-spool began spinning wildly, finally indicating a run.

After using the river's current to its' advantage and peeling away downstream, the carp gave a good account of itself, as they most always do. With all the twigs, rocks and usual river obstructions, I was well please to be able to finally bring it to the net and for a quick photo.


With the fish released and the area re-baited with a bit more maize, I re-cast and waited once again.

Fish were in the area now, we knew, after I had missed on a hook-set( perhaps a liner ). A short time later, the rod tip was bouncing, the reel was spinning again and I engaged the drag, setting into my 2nd energetic river carp. Another gorgeous specimen, like the first, and I couldn't be happier.


The sun had set just as I had one more run, but sadly, this one would get the best of me as it became unbuttoned after a lengthy run down river.

No matter, though. Going 2 for 3 and some good comradery on the river bank is what it's all about.


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River carp are always fun, seem to fight harder than lake carp to me. I'd been happy with those fish!

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Good story and pictures. I would think that fighting current in a river would build up muscle like any type of exercise would do.

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