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ATC Games and Side Pots

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Thanks to August and Ashleigh for putting all of this together! :hi501:

We will be adding a new and hopefully fun element to the corn boil/social activities this year, GAMES! We have some pretty amazing sponsors this year and we have been able to secure a couple of pretty great prizes for these new games! Games will be used to raise money for CAG; all proceeds going directly back into the club.


Game #1 Guess the Weight

Its a game we play every single time we catch a fish, so this is right up any carp anglers alley. We will fill three buckets with random amounts of sand. Contestants will guess the weight of each and come up with a total. The angler with the closest total, at the end of the night, will win a World Carp Masters edition Reuben Heaton scale! $10 per person to take a shot!

Game #2 Speed Spooling

I (August) am actually borrowing this one from Steve at the WCM because I had a blast doing it there. We will have a rod butt setup, with a reel and a spare spool, with 300 yds of braid in a bucket of water. Basically, you will reel as fast as you can for as long as you can and spool the line from the bucket to the reel. Winner will be the one with the fastest time and will receive a Sonik Tourno reel, courtesy of Steve Bond and Sonik. $10 to test your reel power!

Game #3 Guess how many!

Trilogy Baits has will be providing us with a glimpse of one of their new products in a meaningful way! They will provide a see through container with a bunch of their new "boilies" in it, $5 to take a guess at how many are in there, and the winner takes the bait home with them!



Side pots if you choose to participate:

$20 (per team) for the total weight of commons
$10 (per person) Big Common
$10 (per person) Big Buff

Ashleigh will be holding side pot money so get with her as you register! The total weight category will tally the catches of both team members and both anglers must enter to be eligible ($10 each, $20 total). Big common and buff is an individual entry, so if your partner catches and is not in the pot then it doesn't count! If no buff are caught then that pot will be awarded to the person with the smallest common that was in the buff pot.

Side pots will be open until the peg draw on day one. Once peg draw is done no more entries will be accepted!. Side pots are done unofficially, outside and separate from the official CAG prizes; just some friendly competition between fellow anglers. :party0012icon:


See y'all soon!

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