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A week back I messed around with my GoPro (actually a knockoff GoPro), fixing it underwater and baiting in front of it, like Jerome's videos. Got some kind of cool footage from the half hour it was out - here's the best of it...

Bait and muck from the bottom made some parts kind of cloudy. 

*Watch in 720p or 1020p*


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4 hours ago, Cannonball said:

Good video!  What were you baiting with?

Oats (but those were scattered quickly and clouded up the water), a little corn, a few boilies, and some breadballs. Pretty much whatever I could scrounge up; I didn't have much of my stuff with me.

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58 minutes ago, Rogan said:


Nice job, glad to see you caught some fish.  I'm guessing you missed out on TTL?

Yeah, I never fished it because I heard it was closed to water activities at the time. Saw people fishing it anyways. I walked the bridges, saw a ton of very good sized tilapia and a couple of mirrors in the 15-20 lb range from the looks of it.

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