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2016 Hoosier Carpers Schedule

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The Hoosier Carpers 2016 schedule

Hosted by, Jathon Imhousen and Aaron Emery
For more information, check out our Facebook page.


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The Hoosier Carpers 2016 schedule

*March 26, 2016 Free Socials
Turtle Creek res. 7:am -5:pm
Contact, Jathon Imhousen

*April 16, 2016 Tourney $30
St. Joe river 7:am - 5:pm
Contact, Aaron Emery

*May 7, 2016 Free Socials
Kokomo res. 7:am - 5:pm
Contact, Aaron Emery

*June 18, 2016 Tourny $40
White River Invitational 7:30am-4:30pm
Contact, Westside bait & tackle

*July 16, 2016 Tourny $50
Ohio river 
Noon Saturday to noon Sunday
Contact, Jathon Imhousen

*August 27, 2016 Free socials
Monroe res. 6:pm - 8:am
Contact, Jathon Imhousen

*September 10, 2016 Tourny $30
Summit lake 7:am - 5:pm
Contact, Aaron Emery 

*October 8, 2016 Tourny $$$
The Civil War Tourny 7:am - 5:pm
Contact, Jathon & Aaron


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