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Grandson's first carp

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Along with "Cannonball", John Torchick, I did a two-day session at Salacoa Creek Park this past Friday and Saturday.  On Friday we were also joined by Lance Clements.  Unfortunately, job obligations dictated that Lance was able to fish with us only on the first of the two days.

I had several reasons for planning this trip.  Of course there's always the camaraderie and fellowship the three of us enjoy when we share time on the bank.  I also wanted to do some "advance scouting" for the Georgia Mid-Spring Fish-in, scheduled for May 14th (yeah, that's probably just an excuse for an extra fishing trip, but at least it "sounds good").  Finally, now that my oldest grandson, Cole, has turned 10, I figure it's past time for his fishing experiences to progress to something larger -- CARP.  In prior years, Salacoa has usually produced a good number of early spring carp, so I figured this would be a good chance to get him his first one.  I arranged for my son to bring him to meet us at the lake on Saturday.

Unfortunately, several factors made fishing considerably more difficult than I had expected.  The park was subjected to a winter flood, which raised the lake significantly above its normal level, and leaving quite a bit of debris on the lake bottom, in spots that make fighting and landing fish tricky, at best.  And second, Murphy's Law got us on the weather.  Friday and Saturday were the two coldest days predicted for the entire month, along with strong, gusty winds that blew lots of floating moss (pond scum) ashore.

Friday resulted in only three runs, and all three of the fish were lost to snags.  I was hoping for something a lot better the next day when my grandson would be there.

Considering the weather, John and I got a fairly early start on Saturday, but we had absolutely no action for several hours.  My son and two grandsons arrived before lunchtime.  I put out two smaller (7') rods for Cole, and he promptly caught a bullhead.  At least it was a fish -- something was moving in the water, and feeding, an encouraging sign.  About an hour later, one of my alarms squealed, so I let Cole fight the fish.  He landed his first ever carp, a chunky common of roughly 5 pounds.

A bit later, I had another run and again gave Cole the rod.  He caught his second carp, about the same size as the first one or a tad bigger.  He then lost a carp on one of his shorter rods when it tangled with his other line.  Later, I caught another small one.  I would have given the rod to my grandson again, but the line picked up some pond scum that fouled the tip guide, so I had to deal with that while playing the fish.  Cole - with an assist from my son - netted the fish for me.  He later caught another bullhead, so in the 5 or 6 hours they were at the lake, we had at least "some action" -- just enough to hold his interest.  Meanwhile, John had two runs, but just like on Friday, he lost both fish to snags.

The best part of the day was when my son told me that Cole asked him, "When can I go fishing with Papa again?".




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That is what it is all about- time with friends and family!  Enjoyed seeing Cole land his carp and anticipate the next time with Papa.  Thanks for the pictures and story.  I'm also glad to share the day with your family.

Got on the summer calendar to take my grandkids fishing- carp will be great but have other places that are valid places to fish for other species as well.

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