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A little fish and a night in the garage

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With the sun shining all day I figured a little afternoon road trip was needed to see if any carp were moving into the shallows. Hit one early season spot on the big water and not a sign of anything for over an hour. Water is still pretty frigid.

Decided to try upriver and hopefully the water temps were rising and drawing in some fish. As soon as I stepped out of the truck I saw a fish rise right up tight to the bank in front of me. Dropped in a small float and one single kernel against the reeds and watched some fish cruise up and down the reeds for about 2 hours with no takers. Dead slow cruisers and just under the surface so my guess is another couple days of these temps to start them moving. Still really nice to get out.

An evening in the garage getting stuff ready for this year. Did a batch of "weenie" dumb bells tonight. These are potato flour base with hemp seed and caught me some nice fish last year. Picked up some seed and pink salt at dollarama today so adding to the spod mix. Yellow and green peas plus a few other goodies go in the pot after the seed comes out. Might head back out tomorrow after the sum warms things up more.




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