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Hello All,

There is  3 teams and  4 zones this year.  One zone will be drawn for the Buddy zone . Team /buddy zone will be fishing a different zone on day 2.

Each of these zones will produce fish and each has some unique characteristics.

The X within the pics indicate where you are to park. Yes, you may unload closer to a swim, but all vehicles must be parked at a parking lot.

Please click on pictures to enlarge for a better view.

Zone #1 "Deep Swim"

Some swims within this zone you are able to cast closer to the channel. Over the years this area has produced some of the biggest fish from that river including a 38+ and a 37+. It can be the most challenging if water levels are high and bigger leads may be needed. Loads of bank space, the biggest zone this year. There are 4 parking lots/pulloffs. Historical Data shows that this location holds the biggest fish.


Zone #2 "Boat Launch/Vets Park"

Another large Zone with 3 parking lots. You may fish the left side of the creek mouth facing the main river channel. Those that do must park at the boat launch. This has always been a numbers and good average size location with fish up to 34lbs (close to the boat launch) and quite a few mirrors. It has the creek mouth, deep water, shallow water and sunken structure. For sure a very productive zone.


Zone #3 "Marina Creek Mouth"

No doubt a hot zone for numbers and size, it is the most fished amongst the Michigan crew. Fish up to 35lbs. It is the smallest zone and tightest if it is high water. I have opened up this zone to allow 2 anglers to fish the creek mouth facing away from the main river. That location can be hot, but also a favorite amongst meat fishermen. Whomever fishes there must have patience and sportsmanship, they must also unpack and park their vehicle at one of the 2 parking locations. Anglers will also be able to fish the creek mouth facing the main river, same rules apply for unpacking and parking at the parking lots. If water is high, waders or knee high boots will be a must for those choosing to fish closest to the marina. Fish have and can be caught all along the whole zone.


Zone #4 "Bigelow Park Island"

Another hot zone, but no known fish bigger than 28lbs, however there are lots of fish and lots of 20+. It is also the safest bet in high water conditions. This is the zone closest to the main lake Huron and if you get an east/northeast wind, it can be brutal fishing there. This is actually a large zone with many places to fish and quite unique with the channel and the main river. It has bridges and other structure. This Zone always has good numbers of carp. Considered a favorite by visiting states.


I will be up on Friday to put up orange flags to indicate the barriers for each zone and flags at each parking pull off. I should be up there by around 7am . I welcome anyone to get a hold of me . Shoot me a pm, post, Or whatever

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