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Last week I was invited to be the featured guest on the Local Fishing Knowledge show, broadcast live on Facebook from the Bass Pro Stores in Denver.

I wanted to thank everyone that showed up on the live stream and showed their support, appreciate it was very short notice !

Carp fishing in Colorado is still growing in popularity, even though we may have some of the most strict rules regarding the sport, especially with regards to chumming. Though I do appreciate BPS is not everyone's favorite place, the store here in Denver has supported the last 3 catch & release carp tournaments in the state, offering up $$$$s in gift cards as prizes. I am planning to take the General Manager of the local store out carp fishing in the future, showing him our passion for the sport, giving him the opportunity to battle the species with rod & reel, the tackle and gear we use. Though I doubt any of us can change attitudes overnight, or even in the next few years, each little bit we each can do to be advocates for the sport ,and the species, is a step in the right direction.

You can listen to an audio replay of the show here, LFK Podcast.

If you have facebook, you can always watch the video the show on Born to Fish Media page,

Again, thanks guys, you made this a great event !



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Thanks Dave.

Other Colorado news would be the proposed 100% (yes, that's 100% !!!) increase in cost of a fishing and hunting license here by 2018 ! 

According to CPW, they are going broke fast due to increased costs and need the additional funds to keep their programs, facilities, equipment and staffing levels, going. Ironically we have submitted numerous citizen petitions to add a 3rd rod stamp, as not only a revenue generating medium but also increased angler satisfaction.



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